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Applying for RPLE


Eligible applicants may apply for RPLE and if eligible will be required to present for an RPLE Assessment Interview Panel for an evaluation of existing capabilities against the College Medical Administration competency framework.

Applicants undertaking an RPLE Assessment Interview are not guaranteed the award of RPLE. The Panel will assess on the existing competencies and experience which qualify applicants for the award of RPLE.  Applicants undertaking the assessment may be offered a modified training program subject to the level of the RPLE awarded.  The outcome of the interview process will be determined by the RPLE Panel and a recommendation forwarded to the Education Training Committee and RACMA Board for final approval.

Application Process for RPLE

As part of the application for the RPLE, evidence and relevant documentation must be provided by the applicant to support demonstration of their existing competencies against RACMA’s specific competencies outlined in the Medical Leadership and Management Curriculum needed for medical management and leadership practice.   

Information on the RPLE Assessment Interview is available HERE

The RPLE Assessment and Interview Fee is AUD$3,661.00 (inclusive of 10% GST).   The Fee will be invoiced upon receipt of application.   Please note this fee is non-refundable.

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