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The total fee for the 2023 Leadership for Clinicians Program is:

Blended Program – $10,725 ($AU)

– including the Private Sector Program

Fully Online Program – $8,350 ($AU)

The fee is payable in two instalments:

Blended Program – $2,725 ($AU)

Fully Online Program – $2,350 ($AU)

Blended Program – $8,000 ($AU)

Fully Online Program – $6,000 ($AU)

Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander and Māori doctors are eligible for a 50% discount on program fees. First Nations doctors with current membership of either AIDA or Te ORA may apply for a full fee paying scholarship.

Any withdrawal from the program before or after commencement will be subject to the Education Programs Fee Policy.

If there are insufficient registrations for a  program or cohort, RACMA reserves the right to cancel the program, all paid fees will be refunded in full.

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