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Medical Management Practice Domain (MMPD)

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This domain is defined by the satisfactory completion and acquisition of competence in supervised medical management practice in the workplace. This consists of a minimum of three full-time equivalent supervised practice years and the satisfactory performance in a College Oral Examination within a minimum of 30 months of accredited supervised practice.  The program comprises a combination of tasks and activities that are completed during the Candidate’s period of supervised practice. These tasks and activities will provide evidence of the demonstrated development of competencies.

A requirement of the FTP is that the Candidate completes the equivalent of three years full-time supervised medical management practice in the workplace under observation to foster and enhance information for reflection and improvement in skill development.

Annual Training Plan (ATP): The ATP will be developed by the Candidate in consultation with their Preceptor and Supervisor. It will include training and educational activities that meet RACMA requirements, developed within workplace-based activities, as well as external training activities that would enable and support skill and knowledge development required for an effective medical administrator.

In-Training Performance Report (ITPR)

The In-Training Performance Report (ITPR) allows for a formal log of training activities (workshops, webinars, learning sets and special seminars). It also provides an account of comprehensive evidence of learning in the workplace for Candidates and Workplace Training Supervisors, to support a more effective attainment of competence in the FTP and oversee progress.

Indigenous Health Program

The aim of this program is to equip Medical Leaders with the knowledge, skills and attitudes to provide a health care environment that is culturally appropriate, sensitive and inclusive. It thereby influences systemic change and quality improvement for the Indigenous populations of Australia and New Zealand.

Letter to the Editor

An assignment that is selected from published articles in RACMA’s online journal, The Quarterly, and is the communication response to a series of comments, arguments, new information or calls for action, to medical colleagues with an interest in medical administration. The aim of this task will reflect a Candidate’s understanding around the competencies of medical expert, communicator, collaborator, health advocate, manager, professional and/or scholar.

Ministerial Briefing

Communication with government ministries (state and federal) is an important element of medical administration to provide governments with accurate, up-to-date data, evidence and arguments from sector leaders to inform their policy and program decisions. Knowing how to write an accurate, concise and influential briefing is a key skill for medical leaders.

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