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RACMA welcomes Albanese Government

The Royal Australasian College of Medical Administrators (RACMA) looks forward to working with the new Australian Government to develop much needed leadership solutions for Australia’s healthcare sector.

Prior to the 2022 election, RACMA highlighted five key healthcare and leadership areas of focus it wants to work on with the new Australian Government. These are:

  1. Improving Medical Workforce Planning
  2. Improving Workplace Culture
  3. Building and Developing Medical Leadership in Remote, Rural and Regional Australia
  4. Addressing Climate Change and its flow on affects to healthcare for the community
  5. Mandating FRACMAs and AFRACMAs in all healthcare settings

As Australia moves on from the crisis of the COVID-19 Pandemic cracks, flaws and pressure in the health system have been highlighted and these need the support and commitment of the Australian Government to solve.

As Specialist Medical Leaders, RACMA Members are the custodians of clinical quality and safety and system governance and integrity. While Australia’s health system is one of the world’s best, it is crucial we do not become complacent and be satisfied with the status quo.

RACMA President Dr Helen Parsons said the College would be reaching out privately to Mr Albanese and the incoming health minister, when appointed, to discuss these matters further.

“As the college of specialist Medical Leaders we will be working hard to ensure healthcare remains a priority on the political agenda to ensure what we deliver to the community continues to be high quality, safe and equitable,” Dr Parsons said.
“We are ready to work with Mr Albanese, and the incoming Australian Government, to make sure we have the proper workforce and workplace measures and systems in place to protect our workers, the health system and Australians across all areas of the nation.”

Click HERE to read the Key Focus Areas RACMA will be advocating the government should concentrate its efforts.

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