Team Skills to Survive in your Medical Workforce (VIC)

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Team Skills to Survive in your Medical Workforce (VIC)

Location: Melbourne
Date: 16/03/2019
Starts at: 9 am
Ends at: 5 pm

Professional teams flourish and are more effective when an open and “safe-fail” behavioural environment is fostered and there is an understanding of the performance drivers at all levels of the organisation. Awareness of the impact of team interactions on the development of trust, relationships and partnerships is crucial to team success. It runs deeper than the foundation skills of open communication, listening, reliability and conflict management.

This interactive, one-day workshop introduces creative and pragmatic ways to engage participants through activities based on proven principles and practices from top-selling business management books The Organizational Zoo and KNOWledge SUCCESSion.

The activities generate an atmosphere of trust and engagement, involving participants to experience the impacts of behavioural diversity, to increase their awareness of decision-making impacts and help them to be comfortable with uncertainty and different approaches and perspectives

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