Effective Interviewing (TAS)

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Effective Interviewing (TAS)

Location: Hobart
Date: 17/08/2019
Starts at: 9 am
Ends at: 5 pm

Making poor recruitment decisions can be very costly to an organisation in terms of lost productivity, lost opportunity and the time and resources required to rectify the situation. Hiring the right person is critical and this one-day program is designed to help participants implement consistent, objective and targeted interview processes to avoid making any bad calls.

The workshop facilitated by Mark Bramwell identifies the typical pitfalls of a poor interview process, and provides step-by-step role-plays, templates and scenarios to demonstrate and embed the concept of a behavioural-based interview. Participants are taught the skills to constructively challenge candidates and are assisted to recognise the importance of pre-interview preparation, consistent interview execution and post-interview decision-making

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