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  Applications for 2020 Candidacy open mid July 2019 and close 31 October 2019. The 2020 Fellowship Training Program will commence in February 2020. For enquiries , please contact the College office on (03) 9824 4699.


Applying for Recognition of Prior Learning and Experience (RPLE)

Eligible doctors with demonstrated experience in medical management in Australia and New Zealand may seek Recognition of Prior Learning and Experience (RPLE) when applying for entry to RACMA Fellowship Training Program. They will be required to present for an RPLE Assessment Interview Panel for an evaluation of existing capabilities against the College medical administration competency framework.

Applicants undertaking an RPLE Assessment Interview are not guaranteed the award of RPLE or entry to the RACMA Fellowship Training Program. The Panel will assess on the existing competencies and experience which qualify applicants for the award of RPLE.  Applicants undertaking the assessment may be offered a modified training program subject to the level of the RPLE awarded. 


Application Process for RPLE

As part of the application for the RPLE, evidence and relevant documentation must be provided to support demonstration of the existing competencies for the assessment and award of RPLE. The application form outlines the requirements for this and includes:

  • online self-assessment;
  • referee reports;
  • CPD certificates;
  • evidence of research experience and workplace capabilities, such as workplace tasks (reports, business cases, committee papers, etc.);
  • media publications in management;
  • performance evaluation reports; and
  • third party testimonials.


Applicants are required to submit an application for Accreditation of their training post/substantive position to the College together with their application for Recognition of Prior Learning and Experience (RPLE). This will allow the College to review the suitability of the training post/substantive position prior to offering entry to the RACMA Fellowship Training Program.

As applicants may be required to work towards a completion of a Health Services Research project and complete Masters program in Health Discipline, Credit may be sought for previously completed comparable academic or research related study.  Evidence should be provided together with application for RPLE demonstrating currency and comparability to meet the theoretical and research-based training requirements of the Fellowship Training Program.


RPLE Assessment

  • A RACMA RPLE Assessment Panel will comprise 2 senior RACMA Fellows, one of whom will be a Censor of the College. Should applicants be deemed eligible to proceed to the assessment interview, they will be advised of the time and place for this interview. RACMA RPLE Panel Interviews may be in Australia and New Zealand.
  • The role of the Panel is to assess the existing competencies and experience which qualify applicants for the award of RPLE and entry into a modified training program with RACMA. The Panel will assess these capabilities against the RACMA medical administration competency framework.
  • The RPLE Assessment interview will include a case study scenario which will be provided to the applicant on the day. The RPLE Assessment Interview aims to evaluate applicants’ current competencies in medical management and leadership, and to identify any gaps that should be addressed during one’s training.
  • The first hour of the interview will be dedicated to discussion/interview based on experience and will be used to further explore competencies in the specialty of Medical Administration and seek clarity on the application and any areas of experience. The second hour will involve a preparation and presentation of a case study to the Panel.
  • 20 minutes will be given to the Applicant to read and formulate a response to the case study in a separate room.  Upon return to the interview room you will have 10 minutes to provide a response to the case study question, followed by another 10 minutes for Q & A with the Panel. 
  • The Panel will give feedback to the applicant in the last 15 mins of the interview. The Applicant may ask questions at the end of the interview and will be given an opportunity to give his/her feedback to the Panel on the process, communications and the assessment.


The following areas of the assessment may be covered but not limited to:

  • general management principles;
  • current health policy initiatives;
  • medico-legal issues in health services management;
  • financial management of health services;
  • psycho-social issues in health services management;
  • human resource management in health services;
  • planning of health services, including epidemiological studies;
  • recent advances in health care;
  • analytical and presentation skills;
  • personal attributes of leadership;
  • culture and Indigenous health; and
  • leadership.

The outcome of the interview process will be determined by the RPLE Panel and a recommendation on the level of RPLE to be awarded to the Applicant will be forwarded to the relevant committee for approval.

The RACMA Fellowship Training Program fees are outlined HERE. Please note all RACMA fees are subject to review by the RACMA Board on the advice of the RACMA Finance and Audit Committee.

For more information or help phone (03) 9824 4699.

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