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To join the RACMA Fellowship Training Program (FTP), you must meet the following criteria:

  1. Current general or specialist medical registration in Australia or New Zealand
  2. A minimum of three years full time clinical experience involving direct patient care
  3. A medical management position. This may be a training post or a substantive position that will allow the Candidate to develop the appropriate medical management competencies. This post will normally be in Australia or New Zealand.


  • The post must be approved by RACMA as an accredited training post to ensure eligibility of candidacy. Candidates must complete a minimum of 3 years full time equivalent (FTE) of Supervised Medical Management Practice to be eligible to complete the FTP. Part-time candidates must be at least 0.4 - 0.5 FTE in a medical administration training post (depending on the pathway they were eligible to enter).
  • An application for accreditation of training post form must be submitted with the application for Candidacy to be considered for entry to the FTP at RACMA.
  • You can view some of the available medical administration positions across Australia and New Zealand on the job postings page here.
    • For more information on availability of medical administration roles in your region, please contact your Jurisdictional Coordinator of Training here.
    • In the event that you do not hold a position, you may wish to complete an Expression of Interest Part A - Part B.
      • NB: Submission of an Expression of Interest does not guarantee employment in a training post or entry into RACMA Fellowship Training Program.
  • All applicants for Candidacy must forward the RACMA Referee Report to their Referees, who must in turn submit their report directly to the college at Referee reports submitted with Candidacy applications will not be accepted. Please download the Referee form here.


Eligibility for Recognition of Prior Learning and Experience

Doctors with demonstrated experience in medical management in Australia or New Zealand may seek Recognition of Prior Learning and Experience (RPLE) when applying for entry to the RACMA Fellowship Training Program. The level of RPLE awarded will reduce the required period of Supervised Medical Management Practice.

The award of RPLE allows applicants to be considered for the following accelerated pathways:

  • Standard Pathway with RPLE  - enabling Candidates to complete their medical management practice in less than 3 years full time equivalent

  • Clinical Specialist Pathway: Designed for clinicians with demonstrated medical management experience in the Australian and New Zealand health system. This program reduces the required time in supervised practice from 36 months minimum to 18 months full time equivalent. The additional entry criteria for this pathway is as follows:
    • Maintain substantial (up to 0.6) clinical role(s) in a health service.
    • Have at least 5 years’ experience as a specialist in Australia or New Zealand
    • Practice medical management at least two days a week (0.4 FTE)
    • Have at least 2 years’ experience as a Clinical Director of Head of Unit
    • Operate at the Clinical Director/Senior Director level at a health service

  • Medical Executive Pathway: Designed for senior medical management executives with significant experience in medical management roles in Australia or New Zealand. Eligible applicants must have at least 0.8 (FTE) in executive medical management roles over a 5 year period as a minimum. 


Request for Recognition of Credit

Credit may be granted for learning through formal and relevant university studies undertaken at Master's degree level commenced or completed before application for RACMA Candidacy. The award for credit is not automatic and does not reduce the length of time in the Fellowship Training Program. Application for Credit must be formally made on the RACMA Credit Application Form.

The RACMA Fellowship Training Program fees are outlined here. Please note all RACMA fees are subject to change by the RACMA Board on the advice of the RACMA Finance and Audit Committee.

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