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Guidelines for the New Fellow Achievement Award 

The College has established the RACMA New Fellow Achievement Award.  This award is made to recognise contributions made to the RACMA role and objectives by Fellows of less than five years standing.

The Protocol for the award is as follows:

-              The RACMA New Fellow Achievement Award be awarded by the Board  to a Fellow of less than five years standing.
-              Nominations will be sought annually from State/Territory/New Zealand Committees by the National Office.
-              Assessment of nominations will be conducted according to selection criteria

                by a subcommittee of Board consisting of:
                                                Vice President
                                                Chair Education and Training
                                                RACMA Dean of Education

-              The recommendation of the subcommittee will be considered by the Board in September 2017 for adoption.
-              The RACMA New Fellow Achievement Award will be awarded on an annual basis but only if there is an agreed nominee.
-              The award will be presented at the Langford Oration. 

                Selection Criteria

                -              Fellowship awarded less than five years at the time nominations are sought.
                -              Demonstrated ongoing commitment to RACMA role and objectives.
                -              Demonstrated leadership in an area that promotes College activities.
                -              Evidence of achievement in improving RACMA activities and/or  operations.

State/Territory Committees and the New Zealand Committee have been provided with the RACMA New Fellows Achievement Award Protocol and nominations for the award are due by 26 July 2018 for consideration at the September meeting of Board.

Committees’ nominations should be made to the Board via the Chief Executive on on the attached form.

Nomination Form

New Fellow Achievement Award Nomination Form - click here to download.


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