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Approval Date: November 2010
Review : November 2013
Next Review: November 2016
Review By: Board

Nominations for the award of honorary fellowship of the Royal Australasian College of Medical Administrators are made pursuant to Constitution Rule 5.3

Nominations for the award of honorary fellowship of the Royal Australasian College of Medical Administrators will be considered by the RACMA Board.

All nominations shall be made in writing.  Nominations shall be completed and refereed by Fellows of the College, and submitted to the Chief Executive at least 30 days before the April Board meeting each year.

Each nomination shall be completed on the appropriate form and be accompanied by an outline of the career and accomplishments of the nominee.

Copies of a nomination for Fellowship under this Regulation containing the information required on the prescribed form, shall be sent to each Board  member at least fourteen days before the day of the Board  meeting.

The Board will vote on the nomination by secret ballot.

No award shall be made unless 75% of the members of the Board  present vote in favour of the nomination.

Nominations rejected by the Board  may be reconsidered if proposed and seconded at a subsequent Board  meeting.

Guidelines for Award of Honorary Fellowship

1. Purpose and context

(1) Recognition of outstanding achievement and contributions to the community is consistent with the objects of the College.  RACMA from time to time confers honorary fellowship on distinguished individuals who have contributed to the advancement of knowledge or the betterment of society and who have achieved eminence in their field of endeavour at local, State, national or international level and which advances the role, function and achievements of medical administration in health services leadership and management.

(2) Only a small number of these awards are made and the College and its community join in this public recognition and celebration of achievement at the highest levels.

(3) The award of Honorary fellowship does not equate to election to Fellowship following examination and therefore  does not imply the attainment of specialist competence expected of Fellows of the RACMA.  

(4) The award by RACMA of Honorary Fellowship is not intended to imply eligibility to be placed on the specialist register as a medical administrator in Australia or New Zealand.  

2. Nominations

2.1 Those eligible to submit nominations for honorary awards

An honorary fellowship will be conferred where a person has made a conspicuous and sustained contribution to the College and/or the field of medical administration well beyond the normal expectations of their role or association with the College.

Constitution Rule 5.30 stipulates that a medical practitioner will satisfy the following criteria:

1.    Be of distinguished eminence
2.    Have demonstrated significant management skills at a senior executive or academic level
3.    Have contributed to the improvement of health in their country
4.    Is recognised as a leader in their field of endeavour
5.    Whose election to Fellowship will contribute to the standing of the College.

Honorary Fellowship will not be awarded:

a.    To persons who are deceased; or
b.    to current staff or candidates of the College or to persons being remunerated by the College.
c.    A person who is not a medical practitioner.

Honorary Fellowship will not, other than in exceptional circumstances, be conferred on:

a.    current elected representatives in government at local, State and Federal level;
b.    persons who are unable to attend the ceremony to receive the award.

2.2 Call for nominations

Any Fellow of the College may nominate, in confidence, to the Board, via the Chief Executive, a suitable person to be considered for an honorary fellowship.

Nominations must be supported by a reference from another Fellow of the College (who may or may not be a council member).

Nominations must be received by the Chief Executive at least 30 days before the April Board  meeting unless another closing date is provided in the call for nominations.

The Chief Executive will consider all nominations as they are received.  Nominations will be considered at the Board meeting in April.  Nominations received after 30 days before the April meeting will be considered the following year.

2.3 Submission of names

Nominations should be brief (up to 5 pages) and cover the matters in the checklist below.
Nominations are to be strictly confidential and should not be made with the knowledge of the person nominated.  Persons who make nominations will be notified individually of the outcome of their nomination/s.

2.4 Confidentiality of names

Any person nominated for the award of honorary fellowship shall not be consulted by the Board in relation to any particulars relating to their nomination, nor at any time prior to the  Board’s decision.

All nominations, deliberations, investigations and recommendations relating to the nomination shall be treated as strictly confidential by all persons concerned.

3. Consideration of nominations

3.1 Board decision

The Board will consider all recommendations for honorary fellowship on the advice of the Chief Executive and the Nominator.
Proposals for Honorary Fellowship shall be treated in strict confidence until the Board has approved a recommendation and the President will notify the nominee as soon as possible after the Board decision to confirm their willingness to receive the award and notify them of investiture process.
Nothing in this policy precludes the Board, on its own initiative, conferring an honorary fellowship on a person.

3.2 Checklist of information required to be submitted with an honorary award nomination

The checklist of information required to be submitted with an honorary award nomination is as follows:

a.    Cover (1 page)

i.   Nominator (a Fellow of the College )
ii.  Referee (also a Fellow of the College)
iii. Name of Nominee
iv.  Nomination summary statement: (should highlight the accomplishments of the person relevant to medical administration and the College)  

b.  Detailed Submission

i.   Qualifications of nominee
ii.  Honours conferred (include dates)
iii. Major appointments/memberships (include dates) (employment plus honorary positions)
iv.  Biographical information (includes contact details address etc. and typically education, employment, public, community and professional service, consulting, publications
v.   Assessment of significance of achievement
vi.  Referees who could be contacted (at least two)(statements can be included with the nomination)
vii. Statement certifying that the nomination has been made without the knowledge of the nominee and that the nominator has no conflict of interest in making the nomination

4. Conferring of honorary awards

4.1 Conferring of honorary awards

Awards, where the nomination was considered at the April Board meeting, will be conferred at the graduation ceremony in the year in which the nomination is approved by the Board.
In exceptional circumstances the conferral of an honorary award may be conducted at a ceremony other than a scheduled graduation.

4.2 Advice about nominees

Each nominator will be advised of the outcome of their nomination by the Board.  Where the nomination has been successful, they will be advised when the ceremony date has been confirmed with the recipient and may be asked to prepare a draft citation in anticipation of the nominee’s acceptance.

Nominators are also advised if their nomination has been unsuccessful/has been deferred.

4.3 Occasional address

Honorary fellowship recipients may be invited to deliver an address at the graduation ceremony but there is no automatic expectation that this will occur.

4.4 Celebratory function

The President has responsibility for ensuring an appropriate celebration takes place.

4.5 Honorary Fellowship recipients

  • are invited to the graduation ceremony and are expected to join the academic procession
  • are presented, in the appropriate academic dress, with a testamur and a copy of the citation given at the ceremony
  • may be invited to deliver an address to College candidates
  • may use the post nominal FRACMA (Hon)
  • have their names recorded in the College Handbook
  • receive copies of the College journal and other newsletters
  • are not entitled to vote at Annual General Meetings
  • do not pay annual subscriptions

4.6 Posthumous award

If a person whose name is put forward dies before the recommendation goes to the Board, the proposal lapses.
If the Board approves a recommendation for an honorary award and that person subsequently dies before the award is conferred, then the honorary award is conferred posthumously.

Nomination form for Award of Honorary Fellow - click here to download.

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