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Medical Administration Registrar

Medical Administration Registrar

Company: Far West LHD
Location: Broken Hill
Job Type: Full-time
Job Status: Sourcing
Date Posted: 13/02/2020
Job Contact:

Andrew Nel


The Broken Hill Health Service is seeking a Medical Administration Registrar.

The position provides a unique opportunity to undertake a range of experiences in Medical Administration whilst studying for a fellowship of RACMA (FRACMA).

Demonstrated previous capability in terms of clinical knowledge in relation to the types and nature of services in Australia, New Zealand or similar setting and the way that care is and should be delivered, including three year clinical experience.

Ability to managing and lead a range of management, administrative and leadership tasks independently and semi independently consistent with RACMA expectations of a Medical Administration Trainee.

Participate in various research and evaluation projects during your appointment.

Attendance and participation in the postgraduate training program and performing to a satisfactory level under supervision to the standards set by the Medical Board of Australia and RACMA.

Ability to manage your training requirements with work goals, particularly across the expectations of multiple employers and / or agencies will require someone with effective time management and negotiation skills.

Manage awareness of current and changing external policy and developments, particularly in relation to medical workforce matters. Improving financial performance whilst increasing the quality of services delivered.

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