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1 27.04.2016 - INTERACT WEBINAR: Bullying and harassment in health care
RACMA INTERACT Training Program. Webinar No 43. 27-04-2016. Presented by Dr Heather Wellington and Mr Simon Bailey.
2 23.03.2016 - INTERACT WEBINAR: Choosing Wisely-What this initiative mean for medical managers
RACMA INTERACT Training Program. Webinar No 42. 23-03-2016. Presented by Dr Justin Coleman
3 11.02.2016 - INTERACT WEBINAR: Making Clinical Governance Real
RACMA INTERACT Training Program. Webinar No 41. 11-02-2016. Presented by Dr Elizabeth Mullins.
4 09.12.2015 - INTERACT WEBINAR: Impacts of hearing issues in the workplace
RACMA INTERACT Training Program. Webinar No 40. 09-12-2015. Presented by Dr Elaine Saunders.
5 18.11.2015 - INTERACT WEBINAR: Medical Credentialing-The Why and How
RACMA INTERACT Training Program. Webinar No 39. 18-11-2015. Presented by Associate Professor Alan Sandford.
6 13.10.2015 - INTERACT WEBINAR: Ethical Decision Making
RACMA INTERACT Training Program. Webinar No 38. 13-10-2015. Presented by Professor Erwin Loh.
7 26.08.2015 - INTERACT WEBINAR: Performance Management: difficult conversations.
RACMA INTERACT Training Program. Webinar No 37. 26-08-2015. Presented by A/Professor Alan Sandford.
8 19.08.2015 - RACMA & RHCE E-dgy Issues Program: Conquering fragmented rural mental health and other specialist medical services - Telehealth.
Presented by Professor Peter Yellowlees.
9 11.08.2015 - INTERACT WEBINAR: Health Law Update.
RACMA INTERACT Training Program. Webinar No 36. 11-08-2015. Presented by Professor Erwin Loh
10 22.07.2015 RACMA INTERACT Webinar: Clinical Governance
RACMA INTERACT Training Program. Webinar No 35. 22-06-2015. Presented by Dr Annette Pantle.
11 15.07.2015 - RACMA & RHCE E-dgy Issues Program: Playing ball – Embracing collaborative care and reducing load on rural practice through true multidisciplinary integration.
RACMA & RHCE E-dgy Issues Program presented by Associate Professor Joe McGirr.
12 17.06.2015 RACMA INTERACT Webinar: Telemedicine
RACMA INTERACT Training Program. Webinar No 34. 22-06-2015. Presented by Dr Victoria (Tori) Wade.
13 20.05.2015 - RACMA & RHCE E-dgy Issues Program: Inequality in Indigenous Health
RACMA E-dgy Issues Webinar presented by Ms Debra Hocking. According to the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Plan 2013-2023, the Australian health sector has a role in reaching required improvements in both education and employment outcomes. What has the health sector learnt about progressing these goals?
14 07.05.2014 - RACMA INTERACT Webinar: Making a difference to health services through consumer participation
Presented by Dr Sally Nathan, School of Public Health and Community Medicine UNSW Australia
15 08.05.2015 - RACMA INTERACT Webinar: Public Speaking
RACMA INTERACT Training Program. Webinar No 33. 08-05-2015. Presented by Professor Geraldine MacCarrick.
16 15.07.2015 - Indigenous hope and recovery
In this NAIDOC Week 2015, All in the Mind pays a visit to The Glen—a male-specific drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre on the Central Coast of NSW run by the Ngaimpe Aboriginal Corporation.
17 15.04.2015 - Webinar: Indigenous Health - Things are not always what they seem!
RACMA INTERACT Training Program. Webinar No 32. 15-04-2015. Presented by Dr Tony Austin AM.
18 18.02.2015 - Webinar: How Canterbury DHB is connecting care across communities in New Zealand
Canterbury District Health Board CMO Dr Nigel Millar explains how a patient-centric transformation is saving patients time and money, and setting a global benchmark for shared electronic records. Source: eHealthspace webinar, www.eHealthspace.org
19 18.02.2015 - RACMA INTERACT Webinar: Private Health Insurance in Australia
RACMA INTERACT Training Program. Webinar No 31. 18-02-2015. Presented by Dr David Rankin.
20 20.11.2014 - RACMA INTERACT Webinar: Indigenous Health
Presented by Dr Tammy Kimpton, AIDA President
21 19.11.2014 Too much information - how do doctors keep up?
If you stacked all the medical & bio medical research journals on top of one another, apparently, the pile would reach the top of the Parliament House flag pole in Canberra. How do we make good health care decisions when bombarded with too much information?
22 17.11.2014 Antibiotic resistance
Antibiotic resistance is the result of overuse and misuse of antibiotics. The National Antimicrobial Prescribing Survey, APS, is an audit of antibiotic use in over 150 Australian hospitals that gives researchers a broad picture of which antibiotics are used, for which clinical problems and whether the use is consistent with evidence-based recommendations.
23 22.10.2014 - RACMA INTERACT Webinar: Refugees and Health Issues
Presented by Dr Mark Parrish, Regional Medical Director, Health Services, International Health and Medical Services
24 10.10.2014 - Health Minister Peter Dutton discusses Ebola scare
Health Minister Peter Dutton joins RN Breakfast to discuss the country's latest Ebola scare, and the state of mental healthcare in Australia.
25 09.10.2014 - What is a mind?
Is the mind simply a factor of biology or is there something more to it? Panellists discuss and draw on their personal experiences of mental health and mental illness and explore the connection between mind, body and brain.
26 08.10.2014 - RACMA & RHCE E-dgy Issues Program: Rural Work Life Balance
RACMA E-dgy Issues Webinar presented by Dr John Best, Sports and Exercise Medicine Physician
27 08.10.2014 - Rural mental health needs to move beyond phone helplines
Moving beyond support phone lines and toward a broader community-based mental health approach is the key to helping combat the high rates of depression and suicide in farming regions. That is the overwhelming argument being delivered by a number of rural mental health experts as part of Mental Health Week discussions.
28 29.09.2014 - Health care variations according to a recent OECD report
The recent OECD Report is called Geographic Variations in Health Care: What do we know and what can be done to improve health system performance? The Australian results were provided by the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care and the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW). According to the report Australia has a high knee replacement rate, a high rate of caesarean section and a relative high rate of hysterectomies compared to other OECD countries.
29 29.09.2014 - Health spending growth in Australia in 2012-2013 is the slowest since the 1980s
According to a recent report from the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) spending on health in Australia in 2012-13 slowed to record low levels and health spending growth has been the slowest since the 1980s.
30 10-12.09.2014 - RACMA Annual Conference 2014
Presentations and recordings of presentations delivered at the 204 RACMA Annual Scientific Meeting on 10-12 September 2014 at the Sofitel Hotel in Sydney. The theme of the conference was Health Futures: Partnerships and Networks, focusing on the sustainable future of our health services.
31 03.09.2014 - RACMA INTERACT Webinar: NZ Health System
Presented by Dr Margaret Wilsher, Chief Medical Officer Auckland District Health Board
32 21.08.2014 - RACMA & RHCE E-dgy Issues Program: Health Workforce in Rural Areas
RACMA E-dgy Issues Webinar presented by Dr David Campbell, Director - Skilled Medical and Dr Robyn Mason, Senior Medical Advisor - Skilled Medical
33 24.07.2014 - RACMA INTERACT Webinar: Open Disclosure and Apology in Health Care Services
Presented by Professor Tracey MacDonald, RSL Lifecare Chair of Ageing at the Australian Catholic University
34 23.07.2014 - AMA warns Government against US-style health system
The Australian Medical Association is against a co-payment for visits to the doctor that doesn't have a protection for vulnerable patients and its president Brian Owler warns against an Americanisation of the Australian health system
35 16.07.2014 - Medical interns face interstate shut-out
In the last few years medical graduates have faced new rules which limit where they can work. Students who apply interstate are placed in a low priority group.
36 07.07.2014 - Shared decision making between patients and doctors
When patients share the decision making about their medical condition with their doctor, the assumption is that the result would be more effective healthcare. However, that is not necessarily the case and healthcare costs can actually increase.
37 02.07.2014 - RACMA & RHCE E-dgy Issues Program: End of Life
RACMA E-dgy Issues Webinar presented by Dr Brendan Murphy, CEO Austin Health
38 02.06.2014 - Healthcare variation in Australia
The Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care and the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) have released a report last week called Exploring Healthcare Variation in Australia.The paper looks at variation in the rates of several procedures, such as knee surgery and hysterectomy, undertaken in hospitals during 2010-2011.
39 17.06.2014 - RACMA INTERACT Webinar: Reflections on Leadership and Leaders
Presented by Dr Lee Gruner, RACMA President
40 29.05.2014 - RACMA & RHCE E-dgy Issues Program: Revalidation
Presented by Prof Jenny Simpson OBE, Clinical Director, Revalidation, NHS England,
Mr Philip Pigou, CEO New Zealand Medical Council and Dr Joanna Flynn, Chair Australian Medical Board
41 16.05.2014 - Screening for heart disease
One of the largest studies in the world screened healthy people for risk of heart disease and gave them counselling and help to change their lives. The researchers reported that there were no differences in heart disease, stroke or death rates over the five years of the study.
42 28.03.2014 - Leading Innovation at the Core and the Edge of Organizations
How can innovation impact the supply chain of healthcare organizations as well as how organizations can focus their innovation efforts at the edge of their existing business as well at the core.
43 25.03.2014 - Living wills
It’s estimated that only 7% of Australians have prepared a “living will” or an “advanced care directive or plan” So why has the take up rate been so low and what are some of the challenges and limitations?
44 17.03.2014 - Surgeons' reactions to surgical complications
A study at the Imperial College London has found that many surgeons are seriously affected on an emotional level when complications occur in the operating theatre. Many reported that they receive inadequate support from their institutions for dealing with such incidents.
45 17.03.2014 - Redesigning mental health
More self-help and online services for mental health . A new report says that's the best way to contain a blowout in costs in our mental health system, estimated to be an additional nine billion dollars in the next fifteen years.
46 17.03.2014 - Regulation of unregistered health practitioners
Today the Australian Health Ministers' Advisory Council (AHMAC) has released a consultation paper for 'A National Code of Conduct for health care workers'. Submissions from the public are invited about what people think should be in the first National Code of Conduct. The aim is for the National Code to set minimum enforceable standards of practice for any person who provides a health service which is not regulated under the Health Practitioner Regulation National Law.
47 03.04.2014 - Should we sell Medibank Private?
Healthcare in Australia has long been the envy of other countries around the world, but changes proposed by the Federal Government have made some consumers nervous about what it might mean for affordability.
48 04.10.2013 - University to study resource development's health impacts
Principal supervisor Associate Professor Sue Vink says the information will help inform public health research.
49 07.10.2013 - The Health Quarter Ep20
In this episode, a new hope for multiple sclerosis sufferers, a special look at palliative care and new non invasive procedures offer a cheaper alternative to major surgeries.
50 30.09.2013 - Future of Australia's online health services
Australia's aging population is focusing the spotlight firmly on the healthcare sector, and a major part of this is private health insurance.
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