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Position Title: Chair Education and Training Committee
Responsible to: RACMA Board
Reviewed: February 2015
Next Review: February 2018


The Royal Australasian College of Medical Administrators is a specialist medical college educating medical practitioners as health service managers.

Role Description

The role of the Chair of the Education and Training Committee (ETC), appointed by the Board, is to oversee strategic direction of the College in relation to education activities, quality improvement and strategic development and continuing professional education program, in line with the strategic priorities set for the committee and the business objectives of the College.

Key Role
The Chair ETC will:
  • Ensure that strategic initiatives are attained for the College’s education and training agenda
  • Lead the ETC in the continuous improvement process and evaluation of its activities and outcomes
  • On behalf of the Committee make recommendations to the Board on issues affecting policy and strategic development
  • Ensure the key priorities for the ETC

Key Activities
With assistance from the staff of the College, the Chair ETC will:
  • Chair at least four meetings per year of the ETC (one of which is a face to face?);
  • Evaluate membership and its performance and functions on the committee,
  • Assess outcomes of the strategic initiatives undertaken by the committees as per its objectives and priorities;
  • Lead in the direction and advice to the ETC’s sub-committees and working groups as required for specific objectives and initiatives;
  • Ensure that ETC’s membership seeks external experts to participate with the Committee in specific nominated areas;
  • Ensure policies are formulated as required with respect to education and training activities and RACMA Candidacy and CEP;

Key Relationships
  • RACMA Board
    Make recommendations to the Board on strategic related matters in reference to education and training. Attend Board meetings.
  • Board of Censors
    As a sub-committee of the ETC, work closely with the Censor in Chief.
  • CEP Committee
    As a sub-committee of the ETC, work closely with the Chair of Continuing Education Programs Committee.
  • Other Working Parties/Groups as required
External to the College
  • Ensure that ETC monitors the external environment to keep abreast of current trends in education and training in order to inform College review and development processes.
  • Identify and engage with external expertise as required to support the ETC strategic development and attainment of key priorities.

Financial Authority Limits

As determined by the College Board from time to time.

Tenure And Method Of Appointment

The RACMA Board approves the appointment of the Chair of the Education and Training Committee. The term of the Chair of ETC will be 3 years and further tenure will be determined by the College Board and reported to the AGM.


The College will annually review and report on the performance of the Chair ETC.

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