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Crazy Socks 4 Docs Day 2022

The College proudly and loudly supports Crazy Socks for Docs (today, 3 June), which was created by AFRACMA Dr Geoff Toogood to to break down the stigma around mental health in doctors and to make it “ok for a doctor not to be ok”.

This year the focus is on Awareness, Advocacy and turning talk into Tangible Actions.

As Medical Leaders RACMA Members carry significant responsibility to deliver clinical quality, safety, and system integrity.  But do not forget Medical Leaders are not immune to illness and the everyday pressures and stress of work, family, and life.

“It is very important we have our own self-care plans and measures in place because the physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing of the whole medical workforce is crucial to deliver safe and effective healthcare for the community,” RACMA President Dr Parsons CSC said.

“As Medical Leaders it is up to us to nurture our workforce together – everyday. Remember tolerance and forgiveness for those around you who are strained – no matter the situation.

“Look out for the micro expressions of strain among colleagues, peers and friends and make it a priority to check in every few days.”

But it is just as important to ensure you have your own self-care measures in place

So whether they are covered in dice, guitars, or pineapples – get your craziest, and odd, socks out of your bottom draw and put the spotlight on this important cause crucial to our healthcare industry.

For more information visit crazysocks4docs.com.au.

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