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CPD Refresh project update

The College’s CPD Refresh project is continuing to develop the CPD program to align it with the strengthened registration requirements of the Medical Council of New Zealand and the Medical Board of Australia.

The project will ensure that the College becomes an accredited CPD provider (or “home”), which delivers to its members the resources and opportunities needed to make their CPD a valuable experience. It is important to know that for RACMA members, the main change is that now Reviewing Performance (Aus) (previously Peer Review) and Measuring Outcomes (Aus) (previously Audit) will be mandatory from 1 January 2023.

It will still be mandatory for all RACMA members to complete CPD with the College to ensure their CPD aligns with their Scope of Practice and in line with the RACMA Constitution.

Consultation with members, through a series of workshops, has now been completed and the response was outstanding with more than 300 members across Australia and New Zealand taking part. Fellows and Associate Fellows gave comprehensive feedback on their concerns with the changes and how they would like the college to develop the CPD program.

Several questions related to the project were common to each of the workshops and these have been addressed through the FAQ page on the college website. Information gained from the workshops has been used to develop the Interim CPD handbook which is also available to access on the website.

A showcase of the updates in MyRACMA will be held at the RACMA conference in Hobart at 12.30pm on Wednesday 28th September. Click HERE for details.

Phase 2 of the re-alignment and refresh of CPD resulting in a more user friendly experience is expected to be undertaken in 2023-24.

If you have any questions, please email Greg Watters – cpd@racma.edu.au.

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