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Suspension or Termination of Appointment to Representative Positions

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This regulation has been established by the Board of the Royal Australasian College of Medical Administrators (RACMA) to guide the suspension and/or removal from office of certain persons who breach the Code of Conduct in relevant circumstances.

The Code of Conduct applies to any person who is an officeholder or a member of a RACMA Committee including a Jurisdictional Committee or any other committee established by the Board and/or required or authorised by RACMA’s constitution, when they are or could reasonably be perceived to be representing RACMA or representing and acting on behalf of RACMA or in circumstances that would reasonably be associated with their RACMA role (a RACMA position).

This regulation applies in all circumstances in which the Code of Conduct applies, except the following:

Nothing in this regulation affects or prejudices any other powers or functions of RACMA or any of its officers in relation to the matters referred to in clause 3.


The following documents relate to this regulation and should be read in conjunction with it:


The RACMA constitution vests the powers, functions, management and control of the affairs of RACMA in the Board. The constitution allows the Board to make, vary and rescind policies and regulations from time to time.


This regulation comes into operation on the date it is approved by the RACMA Board and continues to apply until it is revised, replaced or rescinded by the Board.


Without limiting its discretion, the Board may suspend or terminate the appointment of a person who holds a RACMA position , if:

The Board is not obliged to give reasons for suspending or terminating the appointment of any person in accordance with this regulation.

The Board may determine that a person whose appointment has been suspended or terminated in accordance with this regulation is ineligible for appointment or continuation of appointment to another RACMA position for such period of time as the Board, in its absolute discretion, may determine.


The Board may, in its absolute discretion, determine a period of suspension it deems appropriate having regard to the circumstances, or may suspend an appointment indefinitely.


Without being obliged to do so or limiting the Board’s other powers and discretion, the Board may issue a warning letter to a person who in the opinion of the Board has breached the RACMA Code of Conduct.

The warning letter may identify the Board’s concerns about the person’s conduct, or events or circumstances that have come to the attention of the Board which may give rise to suspension or termination of the person’s appointment in accordance with the RACMA constitution and this regulation.

The issuing of a warning letter by the Board will not:


Any person whose appointment has been suspended or terminated under this regulation may apply to the Board in writing to have the suspension lifted or to be reappointed.

At the time of making an application for the suspension to be lifted or for reappointment, the applicant must provide the Board with a written statement that:

In response to an application made under clause 15, or on its own volition, the Board may:

If the Board convenes a meeting the Board must give due consideration to any written statement submitted by the applicant.


A person who has been directly and adversely affected by a decision of the RACMA Board under this regulation may apply for the decision to be reviewed under RACMA’s policy: Review of decisions of the Board and its committees.


In this regulation:

In the event of an inconsistency between this regulation and the constitution, the constitution will prevail to the extent of the inconsistency.

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