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Management Case Study Guidelines for re-write and re-submission

If a Candidate’s case study receives a borderline result of 50-59, and where the assessor believes a review is required in less than 4 key assessable criteria, the Candidate may have an opportunity to submit a re-write of his/her Case Study and have it re-assessed in the same year. Dates for submission of re-writes will be notified to the Candidate. Rewrites should stay within the 3000 word frame with the section(s) identified for revision being re-written within the original word limit.

If remarking or resubmission of the piece of assessment is recommended by the Markers, the following procedures will apply:

The Candidate will be given feedback by the assessing Censors to assist with his/her re-submission. The Candidate’s Preceptor/Executive Coach will also be advised. The Candidate may seek guidance from both the Preceptor/Executive Coach and the Censor for Research and Case Studies if more assistance is required in addition to the written feedback provided.

Cover Sheet: Management Case Study – Rewrite

The Management Case Study – Rewrite must be sent to the Candidate’s Preceptor/Executive Coach with the appropriate Rewrite Cover Sheet that includes the Candidate’s name, training commencement year, email address, Preceptor’s/Executive Coach’s name, title of the paper and word count (excluding references). The Rewrite Cover Sheet must be signed off by the Preceptor/Executive Coach before the Candidate submits the rewrite and the cover sheet to the RACMA National Office via the eETP. This re-submission will then be forwarded to the Censors for marking.

Administrative Process 

All Case Studies will be treated as confidential documents, but any particular sensitivity should be brought to the attention of the Censor for Research and Case Studies. One copy will be retained by the College unless a specific request is made for destruction.


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