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Training Progress Committee

Approved Date: 15 December 2017
Review: June2018
Approved by: RACMA Board


With the introduction of a Programmatic approach to workplace assessment in the Fellowship Training Program, there has been a shift from monitoring Candidate progression through three years of experiential learning to an exit examination for eligibility to Fellowship; to a need for evaluating progress in four learning and assessment programs:

The Training Progress Committee has been formed to ensure the transparency of separation of measurement moments from decision making on progress.


The overall function of the national Training Progress Committee (TPC) is to monitor and evaluate the progress of Candidates in the four Programs of the Fellowship Training Program of RACMA, with particular attention being paid to formative and summative workplace activities in the Medical Management Practice Program and the Personal and Professional Leadership Development Program.

The responsibilities of the Training Progress Committee are: 


·         Co-opted members/subject matter experts as required for consultation. These may be non-FRACMA Supervisors or expert colleagues from other Colleges.  

Note: the Secretariat (Fellowship Training Program team) will be in attendance and will provide the necessary data and information as required of the Candidates’ submissions and training information.



A quorum will constitute 4 JCTs and the Chair  

Process and Governance – the Training Progress Committee will:




The Chair of the Training Progress Committee will annually review the performance of its members and the Panel outcomes, polices and regulations that support the Panel’s operations, and provide a written report to the ETC or Faculty Board as required for noting and endorsement of any recommendations.

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