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Research Training Program Committee

Approved by: Education and Training Committee
Approved Date: August 2017 

Background and Rationale

The Research Training Program (RTP) Committee is formed consequent on the 4 year period of operations of the RTP (Implementation) Working Party. The RTP WP was set up originally to address the establishment of the RTP at RACMA with the aim to develop a Research Training Program Framework in line with the RACMA Medical Leadership and Management Curriculum.

In April 2016, after a review of the RTP and progression of the research training submissions, the WP recognised a need for transition to another form of governance under the leadership of a College appointed Dean of Research. 

The College now believes that an RTP Committee should continue to meet as required and advise on operational, implementation and research assessment related matters, and to monitor Candidates’ progression, provide original research ideas for research projects and quality of learning in the Research Training Program. To this end it will assemble a Credit Review Panel and a Research Assessment Panel.
The role of the RTP Committee is to:


The RTP Committee will form the following Panels:

  1. The Credit Review Panel provides advice to the National Office on the acceptability of prior learning in a candidate’s prior or published work for its research effort and consonant with the published College guidelines for Health Services Research.
  1. Research Assessment Panels will undertake assessment of candidates’ initial proposals (including ethics application) as well as oral presentations and final research-based written papers.
  2. RTP will establish appropriate mechanism for membership of the panels including length of term.  

Membership of the Committee

This committee will be chaired by the Censor for Research Assessment.

The RTP Committee will be made up to 6 College members, who have been granted membership of the Board of Censors in the category of research assessors. 

Members may also be co-opted for specific input: a Candidates Representative or a newly graduated Fellow can be called to take part in the discussions or for consultation purposes.

Quorum of 2 is required i.e. either Dean/Chair and another member.


The RTP Committee will report to the ETC, with specific matters on summative assessment to be noted by BOC.


The RTP Committee will meet quarterly, and/or as required or at the request of the National Office.  

Responsibilities of RTP Committee Members

Members of the RTP Committee will:

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