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Candidate Advisory Committee

Endorsed by ETC – February 2018
Endorsed by RACMA Board – March 2018 

Purpose & Function:

To be a representative body for all Royal Australasian College of Medical Administrators (RACMA) candidates that will:

a)     Ensure that the interests of Candidates are promoted within the College;
b)     Represent the collective views of Candidates and provide advocacy for Candidates
c)     Be available for consultation with the College staff or committees on administrative, educational, constitutional, policy, accreditation or any other matter relating to   Candidates – and as appropriate, canvass the candidate group for responses.
d)     Liaise with internal and external bodies in matters relating to Candidate training and other issues where authorized by the Board; and
e)     Provide input for the website or any RACMA publications to ensure it is relevant and current for Candidates.

The members of CAC will comprise of the following:

a)     CAC Chair

b)      Candidate Representatives from each active jurisdiction noting:

                                                      – Candidate member of the Education & Training Committee (CAC Chair),

                                      i.     After two missed meetings without apology, the chair is to contact the relevant representative/s to resolve any issues
                                             (with assistance from the relevant JCT as required);
                                     ii.     After three missing meetings without apology, the relevant JCT will be contacted to assist with nominating a new representative.

c)     Ex-Officio representatives including Candidate Director on the RACMA Board (formal vote by Candidate body);

d)     Whilst other candidates may be co-opted to assist with individual tasks and may report to CAC, they do not constitute part of the CAC membership.

Membership will be reviewed annually with a term of no longer than 2 years for candidates. Exceptions will be made for candidates in smaller jurisdictions to ensure representation from all jurisdictions.

 Reports Through:

Primary reporting will be via the ETC, however:

a)     RACMA CE is to be included in the distribution of the minutes and may be requested to facilitate the resolution of administrative issues
b)     Significant issues can be raised to the RACMA Board via the Candidate Director

Reports received from:

a)     Candidate Representatives from each jurisdictional committee
b)     Candidate Representatives on the respective Boards /committees.


Quorum is defined as at least 50% of the Committee membership.

Agenda and Minutes

The agenda and associated papers will be organized by the CAC Chair and distributed to members prior to the convened meetings.   Electronic copies of the minutes will be provided to the members prior to the CAC meetings and will be endorsed within the subsequent meeting, with distribution to include the RACMA CE and ETC Chair.

The agenda and minutes will be provided to and archived by the College.  The minutes of CAC meetings will be made available to RACMA members via the College Office following a formal request to the CAC committee.

Meeting Frequency:

Meetings are held at least 8 times a year via teleconference.  Extraordinary meetings may be called at the discretion of the Chair.


The Committee can invite guests as required, including internal representatives from the Board, State Committees, or external parties.


The Committee will review the Committee’s Terms of Reference every two (2) years or earlier if considered necessary by the CAC Chair, College CEO, ETC or Board.


These Terms of Reference have been approved by the ETC and RACMA Board.

Document History: 

DateNature of Amendment
March 2016Document reviewed and amended from 2013 version
29 January, 2018
Draft V1.0
Document updated with changes from CAC TOR Subcommittee and.  Version control commenced
8 February, 2018
Draft V1.0
Document review by RACMA CEO.
14 February, 2018

Version 1.1
Review and endorsement by Candidate Advisory Committee
23 February 2018Endorsement by Education and Training Committee (ETC)
16 March 2018Ratified by RACMA Board
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