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Management Case Study Guidelines for Oral Presentation

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The following suggestions are made to assist Candidates preparing to present their Management Case at the Oral Presentations of Case Studies. As the skills involved in giving the Management Case presentation are integral to passing the Oral Examination, Candidates will be required to obtain a satisfactory rating for their Management Case presentation in order to be eligible for the Oral Examination.

Presentation Criteria

The presentation should include:

  • Why the topic is being presented
  • What the problem/issue/challenge was. Contextualise this and convey meaning about the importance of resolving the problem. Why was it a priority?
  • What did you do to understand, determine a course of action, communicate, get agreement to and implement the course of action/response to the problem, and how effective was the outcome?
  • What did you learn from this problem solving action – about organisation, management, people, systems, managing change, etc.?
  • What research did you do to find a solution?
  • How it was managed to conclusion/resolution?
  • Your role in the process
  • What RACMA Core Competencies were used in the management of this situation?
  • What skills have you developed?
  • What knowledge have you acquired as a result?

In the Oral Presentation it will be mandatory for the Candidate to provide an outline of the study undertaken and the core competencies required and tested during the project.

The presentation should demonstrate that the Candidate has developed further knowledge and practical skills in the subject area. It should describe a health service management activity and analyses it in terms of relevant management literature and practice. Any lessons for health service management practice should be identified.

It is acceptable to refer to readings or other materials/events that may have impacted on your experience. You must ensure that you do not identify specific staff that may have been involved in the issues described.

Each presentation will be for 15 minutes with an additional 5 minutes for questions.

Feedback and Assessment Criteria

The Candidate will present to a group of peers and the Jurisdictional Co-ordinator and a Censor. Assessment of the presentation will include:

  • Use of PowerPoint for maximum audience impact
  • Clarity of communication including visual/ vocal/ verbal skills
  • Clarity of objectives of the project/process and outcomes
  • Structure of the presentation: introduction, content, conclusion
  • Ability to think on their feet and answer questions from the audience
  • Engagement of the audience

Administrative Process

Abstract Form:

  • Candidates must complete and submit an Abstract Form to the College with an abstract of the topic that is being presented prior to their Presentation of Management Case Study
  • Candidates may download the Management Case Study Presentation Assessment template to allow adequate preparation against the Assessment Criteria


  • Candidates’ presentations will be rated as satisfactory or unsatisfactory overall
  • A Candidate whose presentation is deemed unsatisfactory will not be eligible to proceed to the Oral Examination and may require to resit the Oral Presentations.