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Ex Officio Membership of Jurisdictional Committees

Please Note: The RACMA Office is closed Tuesday 7 November 2023 due to a Public Holiday in Victoria.

The RACMA Constitution 2009 provides for the current President to be ex officio attendee at College committees and for the Chair of Finance and Audit Committee to attend committee meetings were discussions are to be held which might impact the College’s financial situation. Other than this there is no reference to ex-officio status and rights for College members who are current or past Board Members or Jurisdictional Committee members.

The following definition and rights of ex-officio members will apply in RACMA:

  • A current RACMA Board member may be an ex officio member of the Jurisdictional Committee in the jurisdiction where the Board member resides.
  • The ex officio member has all the rights of an elected member of the Jurisdictional Committee in the class of membership.
  • Ex officio status will apply only to Board members and their membership of Jurisdictional Committees.