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Conduct of Jurisdictional Committee Elections

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Approval Date: February 2016
Review Date: February 2019
Review By: Board

1. Purpose of Regulation

The purpose of this regulation is to outline the procedures for the conduct of nationally co-ordinated Jurisdictional Committee elections.

2. Scope

All Jurisdictional Committees in Australia and New Zealand in accordance with clause 15.6 of the RACMA Constitution (amended 2015).

The RACMA National Office will co-ordinate the call for nominations and the conduct of elections as appropriate.

The College Returning Officer will scrutinise the results of the nomination and election process and report the results to the Board.

3. Committee Members: Fellows, Associate Fellows, Candidates and Affiliates

In accordance with clause 15.6 of the Constitution, the eligible Jurisdictional Members will elect a committee of at least three members. The Chairperson will be a Fellow.

Fellows, Associate Fellows and Candidates will be entitled to nominate and to vote for Committee membership in their College Membership class.

All financial Fellows, Associate Fellows and Candidates are eligible to nominate and stand for election in the Jurisdiction in which they reside and are registered on the RACMA Company Register.

A Fellow, Associate Fellow or Candidate will be ineligible to nominate and stand for election if he/she fails or has failed to pay when due any monies owing to the College prior to the election. Nomination forms must be signed by two College Members in the same membership class of the College and counter signed by the candidate signifying his/her candidature. A Nomination form template will be available shortly.

Voting will take place within the classes of membership. The candidate who attracts the most votes will be deemed to have been duly elected by the Jurisdictional members in that membership class.

Elected members to the Committee will elect office holders in the Jurisdictional Committee subject to the Committee’s Terms of Reference endorsed by the RACMA Board.

4. Nominations

Written notice of nominations must be given to the College Returning Officer and:

  • signed by 2 Members of the same class of Membership as the nominee and accompanied by a properly completed consent to act form and
  • delivered or sent by post or facsimile to the Returning Officer at the National Office by the specified time and date .

5. Elections

If the number of nominations for the Jurisdictional Committee positions in any membership class on the Committee exceeds the number of positions in the membership class there will be an election. If only one nomination is received, the nominee will be declared elected by the Returning Officer. If the number of nominations is less than the required number a casual vacancy will be declared in that membership class on the Jurisdictional Committee. Elections will be by postal ballot, or ballots among eligible Members.

In the event of two or more candidates for membership of the Jurisdictional Committee receiving an equal number of votes, the successful candidate will be determined by lot.

A sample template will be available shortly.

6. Terms of Committee Membership committees

Jurisdictional Committee members will be elected for terms of 3 years and will be eligible for re-election save that the Candidate elected will be elected for a term of 2 years or until the end of his or her candidacy, whichever is sooner.