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Award – Preceptor of the Year

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1.0          PURPOSE

The College awards one RACMA Preceptor for outstanding support, education, guidance and advocacy to RACMA Candidates undertaking the Fellowship Training program. The award is an important part of the Fellowship Training Program and is the College’s recognition of major contribution to training, mentorship and competency development.


A Preceptor who provides distinguished service to the outstanding supervision of Candidate(s) undertaking the RACMA Fellowship Training program and has provided outstanding support, education and advocacy.

3.0          NOMINATIONS

3.1              Nominations will be sought annually from Candidates to voluntarily nominate a Preceptor.

3.2              Candidates will receive a nomination form (Preceptor of the Year Award Form) to complete and return to the College Office.

3.3              The College Office seeks feedback with the relevant Jurisdictional Committee Chair and the Candidate Advisory Committee (CAC) on the nominations.

3.4              The nominations, together with feedback, are forwarded to the Education and Training Committee for selection of a recipient.

3.5              The Education Training Committee will recommend to the Board the recipient for their endorsement.

3.6              The recipient and relevant Jurisdictional Committee Chair are advised by the College Office.

3.7              The award will be presented to the recipient at the conferment ceremony.

4.0          ELIGIBILITY

To be eligible for nomination of the Preceptor award, the following must be met:

  • the Preceptor must have provided outstanding support and guidance to at least one Standard Pathway Candidate, specifically allocated for a continuous period of at least six months;
  • the Preceptor must be a Fellow of the College and must be actively engaged in the field of medical administration and provide major contribution to the Candidate’s progression towards completion of the Fellowship Training Program;
  • the Preceptor must have demonstrated excellence in one or more RACMA competencies;
  • Preceptors who are working with multiple Candidates may be nominated by an individual or by a collective;
  • the Preceptor must demonstrate outstanding level of engagement with the Candidate and other College stakeholders involved in the Candidate’s training; and
  • nominations will not be eligible after the closing date.


All nominees must be in good standing with the College.


Expenses incurred by the recipient to receive the award are not reimbursed.


Nomination Form

Approval Date: June 2019
Review Date: June 2021
Approved by: The Board