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Award – College Medallion


1.0          PURPOSE

The College Medallion is the highest honour awarded by the College to Fellows who have delivered outstanding service to the College and to their profession. This award is an important part of the tradition of the College and recognises the major contribution of an individual. It is only offered for significant contributions to the work of the College.


  • Assessment of nominations will be conducted by the Board;
  • The maximum number of medallion awards are three (3) per calendar year;
  • Nominations must articulate and justify outstanding service to the College by the nominee.

3.0          CATEGORIES

Several categories of service have been determined to nominate College Fellows for the College Medallion award:

3.1              Past President(nominated by Board Members)

The award can be granted after a minimum of five years’ service on the Board, including the 2/3-year term as President.

3.2              Services to the Board (nominated by Board Members)

  • Board members who have served not less than eight years; and
  • Board members who have served not less than six years but have held an executive position.

3.3              Service to Jurisdictional Committees(nominated by Jurisdictional Committee Chairs)

Individuals who have served not less than five years as Chair of a Jurisdictional Committee.

3.4              Service to Examinations(nominated by the Censor in Chief)

Censors/Examiners who have served not less than eight years and who have made a significant contribution to the examination process.

3.5              Combined Services(nominated by Board members or Jurisdictional Committee Chairs)

A minimum of 10 years’ combined service, whether on the College Board, Jurisdictional Committees, Jurisdictional Coordinators of training or in other appointed elected positions. The nominee would have held one or more of the above positions and have actively contributed to the College by serving on sub-committees or organising committees, by regular attendance at and participation in annual conferences and seminars, or by writing and publishing relevant material.

3.6              Board Nominees(nominated by Board Members)

The Board may award individuals who do not fall within the above categories but who meet the criteria of outstanding service to the College.

4.0          NOMINATIONS

4.1              The College Office will seek nominations annually from the Board, the Censor in Chief, and Jurisdictional Committee Chairs dependant on the type of award.

4.2              The Nominator completes the approved nomination form and returns it to the College Office.

4.3              The College Office confirms the validity of the nomination.

4.4              The validated nominations are forwarded to the Board for selection of a recipient(s).

4.5              The Board will notify the Nominator of their decision(s).

4.6              The award will be presented to the recipient at the conferment ceremony together with a detailed citation prepared by the Nominator.

5.0          ELIGIBILITY

To be eligible for nomination of the College Medallion, the following must be met:

  • Demonstrated outstanding service to the College;
  • Delivered outstanding service to their community; and
  • Nominations will not be eligible after the closing date.


All nominees must be in good standing with the College.


Expenses incurred by the recipient(s) to receive the award are not reimbursed.

Approval Date: June 2019
Review Date: June 2021
Approved by: The Board