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Censor in Chief

Position Title: Censor-in-Chief

Responsible To:  RACMA Board via the Education and Training Committee

The Royal Australasian College of Medical Administrators (RACMA) is a Specialist Medical College educating Medical Practitioners as Health Service Managers.

Role Description
The role of the Censor-in-Chief, assisted by the Board of Censors is to oversee the alignment of the Curriculum with the Assessment Framework in the RACMA Fellowship Training Program. It is a nominated non-directorial constitutional position of RACMA.

Key Roles
The Censor-in-Chief will:

Key Activities
With assistance from the staff of the College, the Censor-in-Chief will:

Key Relationships

1. RACMA Education and Training Committee

2. External to the College

Financial Authority Limits
As determined by the College Board from time to time.

Location Within Organisational Structure
The Censor-in-Chief is a RACMA Board appointee reporting to the Chair Education and Training Committee and is the Chair of the Board of Censors, which is a Subcommittee of the Education and Training Committee (ETC). The Censor-in-Chief may attend meetings of the College Board as non-voting member.

Tenure and Method of Appointment
The Censor-in-Chief will be a senior RACMA Fellow with experience in the Fellowship Training Program. Expressions of Interest in becoming the Censor-in-Chief will be invited as the need arises. The RACMA Board will consider applications for the position of Censor-in-Chief and determine the appointment on merit. The term of the Censor-in-Chief will be 3 years and further tenure will be determined by the College Board and reported to the AGM. The Censor-in-Chief may serve for a maximum period of 9 years (three terms) unless otherwise agreed by the RACMA Board.

The College will annually review and report on the performance of the Censor-in-Chief.

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