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Processing Applications for Candidacy


The purpose of this policy is to provide the governance framework regarding the processing and approval process of applications for the RACMA Fellowship Training Program (FTP).


The objective is to provide transparency of the application and approval process for applicants.


The intent of this policy is to provide guidance on what applicants are required to demonstrate to ensure eligibility for entrance into the Fellowship Training Program and admission as a Candidate member with RACMA.

Entrance into the Fellowship Training Program requires applicants to meet all four eligibility criteria: –

  • Hold an undergraduate medical degree from a recognised Australian or New Zealand university or (equivalent);
  • Have eligible registration with the Medical Board of Australia or the Medical Council of New Zealand;
  • Demonstrate a minimum of three (3) years full-time equivalent clinical experience involving direct patient care; and
  • Be in a RACMA accredited training post or be in a post that is likely to qualify as a training post.


This policy applies to all applicants for Candidacy with RACMA.


Advanced Standing Recognition of previous study or experience that may result in modifications to requirements of supervised practice or exemptions from summative activities in the:
> Health Systems Science domain;
> Research Training domain; and
> Medical Management Practice domain.
Jurisdictional Coordinator
of Training
The role of the Jurisdictional Coordinator of Training is oversight of educational and learning activities in the jurisdiction and localised liaison between the College Office, Training Supervisors and Candidates. The functions are undertaken by Fellows of the College in each of the RACMA jurisdictions.
Education and Training
The Education and Training Committee is a Standing Committee of the RACMA Board. 
The ETC provides advice to the Board on the strategic directions and implementation of the College Curriculum in the Fellowship Training Program (FTP), the Continuing Education Program (CEP) and other educational activities sponsored by the College.
Fellowship Training ProgramThe RACMA Fellowship Training Program is accredited by the Australian Medical Council. Successful completion of the Fellowship Training Program leads to membership of the College in the category of Fellow. Fellows of the College may register with their relevant regulatory authority in the specialty of Medical Administration.
Medical Board of AustraliaThe Medical Board of Australia is the regulatory body for the medical profession in Australia.
Medical Council of New Zealand
Te Kaunihera Rata o Aotearoa
The Medical Council of New Zealand is the regulatory body for the medical profession in New Zealand.


Application Process

All doctors wishing to enter the RACMA Fellowship Training Program must apply using the online application form which can be accessed from the RACMA website during the opening period.

It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that they meet the eligibility criteria prior to commencing the application process. Upon receipt of a completed application, the applicant will receive an acknowledgement email and will be invoiced for the ‘Application for Candidacy’ fees. These fees are non-refundable. A summary of College Fees can be found on the RACMA website. Applications will not be progressed until this fee has been paid in full.

Approval Process

When payment of the invoice has been received the application will undergo a desktop assessment to ensure all required documentation and evidence has been provided. Should any parts of the form not be completed, or documentation not received, the applicant will be contacted to provide the information before the application can be progressed to the next step.

Once the desktop assessment has been completed and it is confirmed that all required information has been received, the application will be forwarded to the Jurisdictional Coordinator of Training (JCT) of the jurisdiction in which the applicant will be employed. It is the responsibility of the JCT to express local knowledge to comment on the suitability of the applicant and the training post in which the applicant will be employed.

The JCTs’ comments will be included in the submission to the Education and Training Committee (ETC). The ETC considers the documentation and makes its recommendations to the RACMA Board on the suitability of the applicant for Candidacy.

When approval has been confirmed by the RACMA Board, the applicant will be advised of the outcome of the Board’s decision with respect to the application.

Unsuccessful applications

Should the applicant not meet all the listed eligibility criteria, the College will work with the applicant to attempt to rectify any issues with eligibility. Should a resolution not be achieved, the applicant will be advised in writing of their ineligibility to join the program and the reasons will be listed. If the circumstances change and the applicant can demonstrate eligibility, s/he may re-submit the application for consideration.

If the applicant is not satisfied with the outcome, s/he may apply in the first instance for reconsideration. Please refer to the ‘Reconsideration, Review and Appeal of Decisions of the College Committees and Officer’ policy.

Incomplete applications

If an incomplete application is submitted, the applicant will be expected to supply the missing information within fourteen (14) days of being advised of the outstanding requirements to complete the application. The application may be considered expired after fourteen (14) days and the applicant would need to submit a new application.

Late applications

A closing date for submission of applications for the Fellowship Training Program will be provided in all communications when applications are opened annually. The closing date is specified to enable the processing and approval of applications into the program prior to the commencement of the academic year. Should there be extenuating circumstances relating to a request for submission of a late application, these will be considered on a case by case basis.

Recognition of Prior Learning & Experience (RPLE)

Applicants, if eligible, may apply for RPLE during the application process for the Fellowship Training Program. There are three domains from the training program that are considered for RPLE: –

  • Health System Science Domain (HSSD) – The opportunity for RPLE in this domain relates to the Master’s program or equivalent coursework that is a requirement for all candidates to complete prior to applying for Fellowship.
  • Research Training Domain (RTD) – Exemptions may be granted for previous research and publications in the area of Health Services Research.
  • Medical Management Practice Domain (MMPD) – The RPLE in this domain relates to previous senior management experience that aligns with the RACMA competencies.

Please refer to the Recognition of Prior Learning and Experience Policy

Training Program and Membership Fees

Applicants are advised that once Candidacy enrolment has been granted, payment of annual Candidate membership subscription fees is a requirement whilst undertaking the training program.

There are a number of annual and program fees payable throughout the training program, in addition to the annual College membership fees.



  • Reconsideration, Review and Appeal of Decisions of the College Committees & Officers
  • Recognition of Prior Learning and Experience
  • Appeal of Decision of College Committee & Officers


  • Definition of a College Academic Year
  • Accreditation of Training Posts Regulation