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Membership Signature Blocks And Post Nominals

Membership Signature Blocks And Post Nominals
Approval Date: September 2018
Review Date: September 2021
Review By: RACMA Board


To provide the terms of use with Post Nominal lettering of FRACMA and AFRACMA, is reserved to continuing Associate Fellow and Fellow members, as defined by the Constitution of RACMA (Clause 5, version October 2016).


The reputation of the membership of “FRACMA” and “AFRACMA” allows the defined classes of members within this policy to enjoy considerable autonomy of professional practice in the community and the Health sector. As a qualified medical specialist (FRACMA) and Associate Medical Specialist (AFRACMA) you are provided with a specific autonomy as a medical administrator. 

This autonomy instils a responsibility to self-regulate, ensuring that you reflect on your professional behaviours, your standards of practice, and being a clinician with management responsibilities.


The board of Directors of the College encourages the listed classes (refer to section 4 – SCOPE) to proudly use the identified signature blocks in this policy, post nominal lettering on letterhead, business cards, signatures, web site and other material.


Only members from the following classes may use signature blocks and post nominals. These classes are:

  • Fellows
  • Associate Fellows


5.1 The signature blocks for the “Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Medical Administrators” are as follows:

The abbreviation of post nominals for Fellow is – “FRACMA”

The signature block for the “Associate Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Medical Administrators” is:

The abbreviation of post nominals for Associate Fellow is “AFRACMA”

5.1.2 Copyright of the AFRACMA and FRACMA signature blocks remains with the college

5.1.3 Permission to use the signature blocks is granted to Associate Fellows and Fellows only. These signature blocks may only be used in accordance with these terms and the College reserves the right to request a member to remove these signature blocks, if it deems the use to be inappropriate

5.1.4 The signature blocks and post nominals in association with the members name can be used on business cards, letterhead and in email signatures.

5.1.5 These signature blocks and post nominals cannot be used in any way to indicate endorsement, sponsorship or affiliation by the College with products or services

5.2 No alteration is allowed to be made to the logo designs.

5.3 The right and privilege of membership of “Associate Fellow” and “Fellow” is dependent on continued membership, which includes that members have met CDP requirements and paid all dues owing.

5.4 Members who resign from the College or who have their membership terminated must destroy all material using the logo, signature blocks and post nominals and cease to use it from the day their membership ends

5.5 Associate Fellow and Fellow is not a formal qualification, rather it is a form of specialist recognition linked to training and specialist practice. As such this signature block and post nominals can be used with many practice fields of medicine and varying job roles and titles. 

6. Any enquiries regarding signature blocks and nominal lettering should be directed to the Membership Manager.