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Medical Administration Defined

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Approval Date: August 2007
Next Review: Under Review
Review By: Council

Council adopts a definition of ‘Medical Administration’ as follows:

“Medical Administration is administration or management utilising the medical and clinical knowledge, skill, and judgement of a registered medical practitioner, and capable of affecting the health and safety of the public or any person. This may include administering or managing a hospital or other health service, or developing health operational policy, or planning or purchasing health services.”

The following is a statement of requirements for registration in the medical specialty of Medical Administration:

To be able to register as a specialist with the vocational scope of practise for Medical Administration in Australia and New Zealand, it is expected that you will have the training qualifications and experience required to satisfactorily complete the requirements for fellowship of the Royal Australasian College of Medical Administrators.

These requirements are:

  1. Current medical registration with an Australian or New Zealand jurisdiction.
  2. At least three years clinical experience in a public or private health services setting that is comparable with that in Australia and/or New Zealand.
  3. Completion of the three year (full time or equivalent) post graduate RACMA Fellowship training program to develop a medical manager competent to work within the multidisciplinary field of health management.
  4. Satisfactory pass at the RACMA Oral examination.
  5. Participation in an approved RACMA program for the certification of continuing education.
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