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Implementing Change in the College Training Programs

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Approval Date: December 2017
Review Date: December 2018 
Review By: Education and Training Committee 
Approval by: RACMA Board

1. Policy

Any changes in the RACMA Fellowship Training Program (FTP) must be assessed against a set of criteria to determine if they are a “significant change” as defined in Section 4 of this policy. If any of these criteria apply to the change then the change is deemed significant. 

The Board has agreed that any/all significant changes to the curriculum and Fellowship Training Program will be advised to Candidates and Faculty at least 12 months in advance of the implementation date. 

Significant change will apply at the commencement of a training calendar year to a new cohort of Candidates and not be made retrospective without consultation with the Candidate Advisory Committee (CAC). 

All significant changes will be recorded in the College ‘e-Handbook’ and in revised guidelines, forms, templates and manuals. The e-Handbook published on the RACMA web site will be the only accepted current information and will apply in all circumstances. Continuing and new Candidates will be expected to meet the training requirements outlined in the College e-Handbook. 

The Board anticipates that significant changes will be considered in the context of curriculum within a 3 year cycle although planning for such change may be undertaken annually. All changes will be reviewed after three years. 

2. Scope

This policy and procedure applies for all College Committees including their Subcommittees and any other committees set up under the aegis of RACMA and its Board. 

3. Procedure

Procedures for the Implementation of Change:

·       All proposed changes to the structure and delivery of the Medical Leadership and Management Curriculum and its assessment program, will be evaluated against the criteria, will be signed off by the Education and Training Committee and recommended to the Board.

·       All proposed changes with significant impact will be discussed with the Candidate Advisory Committee before finalisation and provide for Candidate input and communication. Any changes will be incorporated in the final change proposal to the Education and Training Committee.

·       If budget is required to be allocated for a proposed change such estimate should be advised to the Finance and Audit Committee for endorsement, through the CEO and the relevant Sub-Committee of the Education and Training Committee. The following will apply: 

4. Definition of significant change

Changes that affect any of the following criteria:

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