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Education Programs Cancellation Policy

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1. Purpose and Scope

The purpose of this policy is to ensure a consistent approach to the payment of Education Program Fees and any cancellation of programs. This policy applies to participants/registrants in all RACMA Education Programs. This policy does not relate to the RACMA Conference Registration fees, Membership fees or Fellowship Training Program fees.

2. Keywords

Leadership for Clinicians Program, Management for Clinicians Program, Professional Development, fees, cancellation, refund.

3. Body of Policy


This policy applies to all Education Program Fees charged by RACMA, including but not limited to the following fees:

The schedule of fees is available on the RACMA website.

All fees are charged in Australian dollars ($AU) and are payable by the due date as specified in the notice to pay.

In accordance with this policy, in circumstances where a Participant/Registrant may apply for a refund of fees, they will be required to provide the information requested by the College to enable the refund to be processed.

Eligibility for participating in the Education Program is dependent on the Program Fee being paid prior to the Program commencement.


Participants/registrants who identify as an Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander and/or Māori person will receive a 50% reduction on the Leadership for Clinicians Program Fees.


A full refund will be provided to a participant/registrant when the College withdraws an offer of participation/registration or if the College is unable to proceed with the Education Program. The participant/registrant will be required to provide the information requested by the College to enable the refund to be processed.

Refunds of Education Program Fees will be provided in the following instances where a Participant/Registrant notifies the College in writing:

The refund amount for Leadership for Clinicians Program will be calculated as  follows:

The refund amount for other Education Programs, including Management for Clinicians and Professional Development Workshops, will be calculated as follows:


Participants/Registrants are unable to defer their Education Program to another time.

4. Failure to Pay Fees

Where payment is not made by the due date as specified on the notice to pay, the participant/registrant’s place in the Education Program may be forfeited.

5. Associated Documents

RACMA Schedule of Fees

Approval Date: December 2020
Review Date: December 2023
Approved By: RACMA Board
Authorised By: RACMA Board

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