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Confidentiality Policy

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Subject: Confidentiality Policy for RACMA Directors, Members and Staff 
Review Date: 21 July 2017
Review By: Board
Next review date: July 2020

1. Introduction

The Royal Australasian College of Medical Administrators (‘College’, ‘RACMA’) is an independent, non-profit organisation concerned with promoting and advancing the study of and practice of health services management by medical practitioners.

The College is committed to the highest level of integrity and respect, and requires Members and Staff to keep confidential information confidential.  This Policy sets out the requirements relating to confidentiality which must be observed by Directors, Members and Staff who hold official positions or perform official functions for the College.

2.  Definitions                                                                        

In this Policy:

3. Scope

This Policy applies to all Directors, Members and Staff performing functions for the College or acting on behalf of the College in an official role.

4. Confidentiality

Information may be confidential whether or not it is marked “confidential” or “commercial in confidence” or otherwise identified as being confidential.

A person to whom this Policy applies must take reasonable steps to protect the confidentiality of information obtained in the course of performing their functions.

A person to whom this Policy applies must not disclose such confidential information unless:

5.  Breaches of confidentiality requirements

If a person to whom this Policy applies becomes aware that confidential information has been disclosed contrary to this Policy, the person must report the disclosure to the College Secretariat, which shall take such steps as it reasonably can to contain, and minimise any adverse impacts of, the disclosure.

A failure to comply with this Policy may lead to be disciplinary action:

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