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Medical Administration in New Zealand
Medical practice does not occur in isolation of a wide range of other factors that are necessary to ensure the provision of quality health care.

Unlike most medical practices which focus on the patient and their particular medical problem, a medical administrator’s focus is on the governance of clinical systems for safe patient care.

New Zealand’s health system offers medical practitioners interested in opportunities to pursue a professional career in Medical Administration.

Underpinning the practice of Medical Administration are experienced medically qualified practitioners, who in addition to their medical qualifications, have expertise across:
  • Clinical Governance including health law
  • Medical leadership and engagement
  • Strategy and change management
  • Finance and resources
  • Evidence based decision making for populations and communities

The Royal Australasian College of Medical Administrators (RACMA) is the medical specialty college which prepares medical practitioners and those with another specialty, to understand health systems.

The Medical Council of New Zealand recognises RACMA as the leader in medical management education and as their Vocational Educational and Advisory Body (VEAB) in medical administration.
Medical Managers in New Zealand - Who can you speak to?
The specialist medical manager and leader uses both their clinical and management know how to assess the impact, risk and patient outcomes of organisation and system wide decisions. This diversity in a medical administrator’s role is illustrated in the variety of senior roles held by NZ FRACMAs illustrated below.
Career in Medical Administration
RACMA is an Australasian medical specialty college with more than 950 members. The College is growing in New Zealand where currently the numbers are more than 40. New Zealand Fellows of RACMA hold very senior and influential positions in public health provider services, regulatory bodies, Crown entities and private organisations.

There is unmet need for medical practitioners to assume leadership roles in the New Zealand health sector. New Zealand needs well trained medical professionals who can comfortably integrate both clinical and management responsibilities.
Medical Training Programs in New Zealand

Fellowship Training

There are a number of ways in which medical practitioners can train and develop their skills in medical management and leadership. The College offers a full fellowship through the Fellowship Training Program. There are several pathways to entry:

Young Doctors Program
The RACMA Young Doctors' Program is designed to introduce senior medical students and recent graduates to the College and the world of professional medical leadership. Click on the link below to learn more.


NZ Webinar Program

There are no upcoming events!

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