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RACMA Candidate Advisory Committee
Approval Date: June 2013
Updated: February 2015

TERMS OF REFERENCE: RACMA Candidate Advisory Committee
Purpose & Function:
To be a representative body for Candidates of the Royal Australasian College of Medical Administrators (RACMA) from all Australian States and New Zealand (as well as any other jurisdiction that may have approved Candidates) that will:

  1. Consider and review any issues relevant to Candidates;
  2. Provide advice to the Candidate Representative on the Board;
  3. Provide advice and/or recommendations to the Secretariat and Board on matters relating to Candidates through the Candidate Director on the Board;
  4. Be available for consultation on administrative, educational, constitutional, policy, accreditation or any other matter relating to Candidates;
  5. Liaise with internal and external bodies in matters relating to Candidate training and other issues where authorised by the Board;
  6. Provide input for the Candidate’s Corner section of the RACMA website to ensure it is relevant and current for Candidates;
  7. Ensure that the interests of Candidates are promoted within the College; and
  8. Represent the collective views of Candidates and provide advocacy for Candidates.
The Committee will review and update to the Committee’s Terms of Reference every 24 months.
The members of the Committee will comprise (maximum two representatives from each Jurisdictional Committee):
  1. Candidate Representative from the NSW State Committee;
  2. Candidate Representative from the Victorian State Committee;
  3. Candidate Representative from the Queensland State Committee;
  4. Candidate Representative from the South Australian State Committee;
  5. Candidate Representative from the Western Australian State Committee;
  6. Candidate Representative from the Northern Territory
  7. Candidate Representative NSW State Committee;
  8. Candidate Representative from the ACT State Committee;
  9. Candidate Representative from the Tasmanian State Committee; and
  10. Candidate Representative from the New Zealand Committee.
  11. Candidate Representative on the RACMA Education and Training Committee
  12. Candidate Representative on the RACMA Training Committee
  13. Candidate Director on the Board ;
The Candidate Advisory Committee may grant membership to or co-opt someone with expertise in relevant issues as required.
The Chair will be elected by the Candidate Advisory Committee at the first meeting of the Candidate Advisory Committee of each year.  The Chair will be a member of the Committee who is a Candidate Representative from one of the jurisdictional State Committees.
The Chair will not be the Candidate Board Director.
The Secretariat will be drawn from the Committee members.
The Committee will invite guests as required, including internal representatives from the Secretariat, Board, or State Committees, or external parties.
Chair of Committee
Agenda and Minutes
Organised by the Committee Secretary and kept on record by the RACMA Secretariat.  The minutes of Candidate Advisory Committee are to be made available to all Candidates.
Meeting Frequency:
Meetings are held two monthly (minimum), usually via teleconference.  Extraordinary may be called at the discretion of the Chair.
Quorum – is defined as at least three members of the Committee.
Reports Through:
Candidate Director on the Board
Reports received from:
  1. Candidate Representatives from each jurisdictional committee;
  2. Jurisdictional education committees where in existence.
Other Requirements:
  1. Regular attendance.
  2. Consider and report on relevant issues referred from Council


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