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Guidelines for the Award of the College Medallion

The College Medallion is the highest honour awarded by the College to those Fellows who have rendered outstanding service to the College and to their profession. It is an important part of the tradition and heritage of the College and clearly recognises the major contribution of an individual.

Several possible categories of service have been determined as guidelines in nominating College Fellows for the award of the College Medallion. In making nominations there must be a detailed justification for the award in terms of outstanding service to the College. Simply holding a position for a significant period of time is not in general considered to be enough for the College Medallion to be awarded. The nominee should have been an active participant in all activities associated with that formal role. It would be expected that a nominee would be recognized by their peers as an exemplary example of a College Fellow and held in very high regard, both within and external to the College.

Nominations may be received from either the College Board or Jurisdiction Committees. Nomination in specific areas of service must be endorsed by the relevant Executive Board member (e.g. the Chair Education and Training for service to examinations). Nominations may be consistent with one or more of the following categories.

  1. Commitment to College official business, to a level beyond that which would be expected of a Fellow. This would include:
    1. College office bearers both at a State and National level
    2. Service to examinations and / or education
    3. Combination of formal College functions
  2. Council nominee for an individual who without being in an official College position has shown outstanding commitment to enhancing the College via one or more of the following:
    1. Enhancing internal processes e.g. active participation in College accreditation at a high level over a significant period of time.
    2. Supporting the presence of the College to external Stakeholders e.g. negotiating and supporting the role of the College with Government agencies.

Apart from the requirement to detail outstanding service other conditions which should apply in awarding the Medallion are:

  1. The nomination is endorsed by the Board in a manner consistent with the holding of Board meetings and decision making as provided in the RACMA Constitution
  2. The College Medallion will only be awarded where an exemplary nomination is received. Under exceptional circumstances more than one nominee may be considered for the award in a single year.

These guidelines have been designed to be deliberatively restrictive. With our relatively small membership the award could be devalued if bestowed too readily or too widely. It must always be emphasised that it is only offered for significant contributions to the work of the College.

Procedural Aspects

  1. A detailed citation must be prepared by the nominating body and this citation will be presented to the recipient with the medallion.
  2. Nominations with detailed citations must be submitted to the Board by the 30 June each year so that the medallion and citation can be presented at the subsequent Langford Oration.

Nomination Form

Award of the College Medallion Nomination Formdownload pdf file

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