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The RACMA CPD Program enables you to maintain your continuing professional development as a full time medical administrator or clinician manager, taking into account your current employment, your career aspirations, and your perceived strengths and weaknesses.

The RACMA CPD Program focuses on individual responsibility for commitment to ongoing professional development. Fellows and Associate Fellows must meet the College’s CPD requirements for ongoing certification.

The College has developed an online CEP application for College members to utilise. To report participation of CEP through use of the online tool College members can login and select eCPD from the CPD menu.

Medical Board of Australia

Continuing Professional Development Registration Standardview pdf file|download pdf file

This standard took effect from 1 July 2010. All medical practitioners are asked to declare annually on renewal of registration that they have met the CPD standard set by the Medical Board of Australia. This declaration will be subject to audit.


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