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Candidacy Application for 2018 commencement - CLOSED

Contact the National Office for enquiries on applications for 2019 commencement.

Suitably qualified doctors may apply for Candidacy (Standard Pathway) and train to become Fellows of the College. To be eligible to be considered for Candidacy, a doctor must show evidence of the following requirements:
  • An undergraduate medical degree from a recognized Australian or New Zealand university, or equivalent.
  • Current general or specialist medical registration in Australia or New Zealand.
  • A minimum of three years full time clinical experience involving direct patient care.
  • A medical management position. This may be a training post or a substantive position that will allow the Candidate to develop the appropriate medical management competencies. This post will normally be in Australia or New Zealand.

Candidates on the Standard Pathway will:
  • Complete formal academic studies in a university masters degree program that is recognised by the College
  • Satisfactorily complete three years full time equivalent supervised workplace training and preceptorship
  • Undertake and pass a College-based series of workshops, online activities, case study and other written work as detailed in the College Handbook
  • Achieve a satisfactory grade in the College's oral examination
  • Be in good standing with the College
Note: Candidates must be in an accredited training post/substantive position under supervision to be eligible to enter, continue with and re-enrol during the Fellowship Training Program. Candidates must complete a minimum of 3 years full time equivalent (FTE) of Time in Training in Supervised Workplace Practice to be eligible for Fellowship. Part-time Candidates must be at least 0.5 FTE in a medical administration position.

Doctors may make application for Candidacy using the following form:
Standard Pathway Application Form view pdf file
Expressions of Interest

RACMA invites suitably qualified doctors who do not yet have a training post in Medical Administration to apply for Candidacy via a submission of an EOI using the following forms:

Expression of Interest Part A Registrationdownload doc file
Expression of Interest Part B Application for Candidacydownload doc file
(This form will only be accepted for those who have previously submitted Part A)

It is only when an appropriate position is secured that entry to RACMA Candidacy will be considered subject to meeting all other entry requirements.
Submission of EOI does not guarantee employment in a training post or entry into RACMA Fellowship Training Program. Training post placements are available in both private and public sectors across jurisdictions in Australia and NZ, and a limited number of posts may be available with Specialist Training Program (STP) funding from the Commonwealth.

For information on availability of training posts please contact the Jurisdictional Coordinators of Training.

Accreditation of Training Post
A significant component of the RACMA Fellowship Training Program is a minimum of three years full-time supervised medical management experience in a RACMA accredited training post in the workplace. All training posts must be accredited by the College prior to approval of Candidacy. The workplace or training post supervisor must complete and submit the Accreditation of Training Post application form to the College at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Please refer to the Accreditation of Training Post webpage for further details.

Application for RACMA Accreditation of Training Postdownload doc file

All applicants for Candidacy must forward the RACMA Referee Report to their Referees who must submit their Report directly to the College. Reports submitted with Candidacy applications will not be accepted.

Referee Reportdownload doc file

Request For Recognition Of Credit

Credit may be granted for learning through formal/accredited and relevant university studies undertaken at Master's degree level commenced or completed before application for RACMA Candidacy, and/or any comparable learning obtained through accredited workshop, course and/or program. Recognition of credit is an exemption from a training or assessment component of the Fellowship Training Program. The award for credit is not automatic and does not reduce the length of time in the Fellowship Training Program. Application for Credit is not an application for Advanced Standing.

The RACMA Fellowship Training Program fees are outlined here. Please note all RACMA fees are subject to change by the RACMA Board on the advice of the RACMA Finance and Audit Committee.

For enquiries on candidacy entry via Standard Pathway, please contact Nadene Edmonds (Fellowship Training Program Coordinator) at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  or +61 3 98246806

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