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The Quarterly 2011

Office Bearers

Dr Andrew Robertson
CEP Coordinator
Dr Mark Platell
Honorary Secretary
Dr Mark Salmon
Chair of Board of Studies
Dr Robyn Lawrence
Dr Terry Bayliss

Key Activities

WA RACMA State Committee Activities

The WA RACMA State Committee elections were held on 19th May 2010. The following Fellows were elected as the new office-bearers.

Chairperson Dr Andrew Robertson
Honorary Secretary Dr Mark Salmon
Treasurer Dr Terry Bayliss
CEP Coordinator Dr Mark Platell
Chair of Board of Studies Dr Robyn Lawrence

WA RACMA State Committee continues to be convened as scheduled on a monthly basis (third Wednesday every month). The Annual AGM of the State Committee will be held in November, 2011.

Representation in National Level Activities

  • One WA RACMA Fellow is currently serving on the RACMA National Board (Dr Robyn Lawrence). Nominations have now been invited from WA Fellows to consider nomination and election on National Board.

  • Attendance at the RACMA International Conference, Hong Kong in September 2010 by four WA Fellows (Dr Robyn Lawrence, Dr Andrew Robertson and Dr Terry Bayliss) and two WA Candidates (Dr Sayanta Jana and Dr Tim Williams) and one WA Associate Fellow (Dr Reg Andrews).

  • Dr Vivek Nigam has been nominated and accepted as the new WA RACMA Candidate Representative on the RACMA Candidate Advisory Committee after the post was vacated by the outgoing Candidate, Dr Sayanta Jana

College Educational Activities

  • Increase in the number of actively-training WA RACMA Candidates from 4 to 8, including one Accelerated Pathway Candidate. There is a possibility of this number increasing further next year.

  • Accelerated Pathway to Fellowship continues to be popular with one Candidate (Dr Amanda Frazer) enrolled in the training program. It is expected more senior medical administrators would be applying through this pathway in the next round of AP applications.

  • 15 WA Members have now been elevated to Associate Fellow status under the new classification.

  • The Specialist Training Program (Commonwealth-funded) placement in the private sector at St John of God Healthcare Inc continues to be highly successful with two other Candidates having rotated into the position (Dr Christina Wilkinson and Dr Vivek Nigam). This is an on-going position funding been approved till end of 2011 by the Commonwealth Government. Placement and rotation of candidates has been agreed between WA Department of Health and St John of God Healthcare Inc at their private hospitals at Murdoch, Subiaco and National Office (West Perth) and a short 2-week rural placement at Bunbury. Potential of placement at other SJGHC hospitals including inter-state.

  • WA RACMA Fellows Journal Club continues to be convened as scheduled on a monthly basis (third Wednesday every month).

  • All WA Fellows are now fully compliant with their expected CEP requirements.

  • Under the aegis of WA RACMA State Committee, WA RACMA Candidates continue to have their monthly-catch-up meetings for regular Journal Club presentations, peer-support, addressing of training issues, sharing of training experiences, MPF tasks etc. These meetings have also had presentations and panel discussion by guest speakers on Activity-based funding, Electronic Medical Records and Public-Private Health System comparison.

  • WA Fellows and Candidates continue to contribute substantially in The Quarterly.

  • Poster presentation and Oral presentation at the International RACMA-HKCCM Conference, Hong Kong in September, 2010 by one Fellow (Dr Robyn Lawrence) and one Candidate (Dr Sayanta Jana).

College Promotional Activities

  • Representation of WA RACMA (Dr Andrew Robertson, Dr Terry Bayliss and Dr Sayanta Jana) at the WA Medical Careers Expo on 9th March 2011.

  • RACMA WA hosted the Meet the Future Leaders Program on the evening of 19th May 2011 at Hollywood Private Hospital which was attended by a number of Fellows, existing and new Candidates and RACMA Young Doctors. This event also had a strong presence of medical practitioners and medical students with an interest in a career in medical administration and health management. Positive feedback was received from all guests during the evening and it is hoped that this event will become a regular fixture on the RACMA WA calendar.

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