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The Quarterly 2011

Office Bearers

Chair (to 19 May 2011)
Dr Andrew Johnson
Member Representative
Dr Michael Gabbatt
Acting Chair (from 19May11)
Dr Amanda Dines
Nth Qld Representative (toDec2010)
Dr Isaac Seidl
Honorary Secretary
Dr Amanda Dines
Committee Member
Dr Judy Graves
Dr Don Martin
Committee Member
Dr John Menzies
Training Co- ordinator
Dr Gabrielle du Preez Wilkinson
Elected Fellow & Asst to Chair
Dr David Alcorn
CEP Coordinator
Dr Gabrielle du Preez Wilkinson
Elected Fellow & Asst to BOS and Honorary Secretary
Dr Stephen Ayres
Candidate Representative
Dr Kirsten Price

State Committee

The State Committee has continued to meet regularly, usually monthly prior to our Continuing Medical Education (CME) activities.

In December 2010 the North Queensland Representative resigned as a result of a move overseas. The position of North Queensland Representative is currently vacant.

In March the Chair advised that he had regretfully decided to step down from the position as a result of competing work commitments. Advice on appointment of a replacement was sought from RACMA and it was decided that a nomination from within the existing committee would invited.

Dr Amanda Dines, nominated for the position and was seconded by Dr David Alcorn. There were no other nominations and the committee unanimously supported Dr Dines, who assumed the position of acting Chair on 19 May 2011 until elections for the state committee are next held. Dr Stephen Ayre has kindly offered to provide support the Chair in her duties as Honorary Secretary. The committee thanks Dr Johnson for his leadership during his term as chair.

Despite the changes, the committee has continued to actively contribute to national and state issues and to oversight the successful Registrar Training Programme, including supporting several weekend seminars and two trial exam workshops in the lead up to the 2010 Examinations.

Dr Gabrielle Du Preez-Wilkinson has been continuing in her unstinting support of the trainees in Queensland, 9 of them in registrar positions. She was also instrumental in supporting 100% of Fellows and Associate Fellows to meet their CME requirements.

Continuing Medical Education

Dr Gabrielle Du Preez-Wilkinson is continuing to be assisted by Drs Stephen Ayre and Amanda Dines to run the monthly CME programme. A Survey of members was conducted in February to identify CME priorities which is informing the CME program. Monthly CME meeting continue to be broadcast out around the country. We are grateful to Queensland Health for their continued support to run this programme.

Cilento Oration

We were delighted to welcome Assoc Prof Noel Hayman, Clinical Director, Inala Indigenous Health Service & Queensland’s Australian of the Year 2011. His presentation entitled The Complexity of Indigenous Health: How Can We Improve Health Outcomes, was interesting, challenging and inspiring.


The RACMAQ accounts have been closed and RACMA is managing RACMAQ accounts. The committee appreciates the monthly reports provided by RACMA.

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