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The Quarterly 2011


The Candidate Advisory Committee (CAC) is RACMA’s Candidate representative body at the national level. Its membership consists of jurisdictional candidate representatives from most Australian states and New Zealand. Members meet quarterly by teleconference to discuss significant training related issues that have the potential to impact most, if not all Candidates.

CAC recently conducted a brief survey of all Candidates (Standard and Accelerated Pathways) to find out about their understanding of the role of the CAC as well as their views on the effectiveness of jurisdictional candidate representatives.

{mosimage}The response rate was 30% (35/116). Major findings were:

  • 76% of respondents do not or only partially know what the CAC is
  • 82% of respondents do not or only partially know what the CAC does
  • 53% of respondents do not know who their jurisdictional candidate representative is
  • While 60% of respondents feel comfortable approaching jurisdictional candidate representative regarding a training related concern, only 17% of respondents currently do so. 62% of respondents approach their preceptors to raise training related issues.

It appears that the CAC requires more exposure/promotion amongst the Candidate cohort.

CAC noted these results and discussed them at the last teleconference on 12 August 2011 to explore potential ways to address the issues brought forward by this survey.

As an initial step, brief biographies and photos of jurisdictional candidate representatives with contact details will be published on the RACMA website and in The Quarterly so as Candidates can identify their jurisdictional representatives.

CAC's Terms of Reference is currently published on the RACMA website and is readily accessible by all Candidates. The CAC are exploring the possibility of a Candidate specific social / networking event in future annual conferences to promote collegiality. It is envisaged that through a series of steps the CAC will increase its profile and be able to represents Candidates more effectively at the national level. CAC values all Candidates’ ideas and contributions, so please do not hesitate to contact us anytime for a chat.

Dr Wayne Hsueh
Candidate member on RACMA Board of Directors and
Chair, Candidate Advisory Committee

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