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The Lead Clinicians' Group (LCG) Consultative Forum in Brisbane was held in a small cramped room with a wide range of clinicians. A couple of people left at afternoon tea, but most of us soldiered through until the bitter end.

The basic thrust of the information was that the convenors had an agenda that the LCG process was happening, and that the participants struggled to see how the LCG process was going to add value, especially with minimal funds. The feeling of the clinicians is that there are already a multitude of committees, organisations and structures at local, state and federal levels that already covered all the areas that the LCG process is supposed to be involved in.

It was inspirational and very positive to see all the small differences between the Colleges and professions vanish when attempting to efficiently use resources for the best outcome for patients. It was disappointing to recognise that the flexibility to embrace this collegiality was virtually nonexistent from the perspective of the Federal Government, who are wedded to the LCG process.

We tried very hard to see the glass as half full, and look at how LCGs may interact with the current processes and organisations. We determined what entities were independent, and those that could be integrated into the LCG process. The main aim of the LCGs seems to be to allow the Federal Minister for Health to have direct access to clinicians about key topics, rather than going through current bureaucracy and structures.

There has been a consolidation of the input from the various workshops with the generation of a document circulated for public comment. Their plan is to move forward with the first LCG meeting desired for July 2011. This is a real opportunity for RACMA to demonstrate our leadership capacity, and collaborate and work with other clinicians to get the best possible outcome that we can have from this process, which may become a fait au complit with or without us. Now, I believe, is our time to be part of the best solution we can.

To view the consultation document open for public comment until the 17th of June click here.

Dr Gabrielle du Preez Wilkinson

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