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The WA Medical Careers Expo 2011 was held at Winthrop Hall, University of Western Australia, Perth on 9th March 2011. Like previous years, the Expo drew strong participation from all AMC recognised specialty colleges including The Royal Australasian College of Medical Administrators.

The Expo was officially declared open by Prof Louis Landau, Chair Postgraduate Medical Council of WA. The Chief Medical Officer, Dr Simon Towler in his inaugural motivational speech to the young audience of medical officers and young medical students, referred to the current workforce shortages and the need for more specialists, general practitioners and rural and remote medical practitioners within WA. Dr Towler also stressed upon the need for training more Medical Administrators to take charge in leadership roles and system-enhancing managerial positions within WA Health.

The RACMA Expo Team was led by WA State RACMA Committee Chair, Dr Andrew Robertson, Dr Terry Bayliss and Dr Sayanta Jana. Dr Bayliss commented, “The turn-out has been really impressive this year. Unlike previous years, there has been a considerable increase in interest shown for RACMA training positions by junior medical officers eligible to enter training.” Additionally, interest was also shown by a unique group of medical students who entered medical school late after obtaining a Masters in Health Management, Business, Finance or similar degrees and have worked in business, finance and health related domains prior to entering medical school. This remains an interesting cohort of medical students who are keen to enter training once they are eligible and have attained relevant experience after working in clinical roles in the healthcare system.

Dr Sayanta Jana
RACMA Candidate, WA

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