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Australia's Guidelines in Development Register is an initiative of the National Institute of Clinical Studies, an institute of the Australian Government's National Health and Medical Research Council, as part of their mandate to build a healthier Australia. This register contains information about clinical practice guidelines that are being developed in Australia. It has been designed to help Australian guideline developers promote their work and liaise with other guideline developers, raise the developer's profile, reduce duplication of guideline topic areas and foster cooperation amongst all Australian developers. The Guidelines in Development Register, in association with the Clinical Practice Guidelines Portal will provide information to help policy-makers and others better co-ordinate guideline development activities in Australia.

The register is a place where guideline developers can post details about guidelines currently being planned or developed for use in Australia, information about who is developing them, funding details and timelines. Information on the register is supplied by the guideline developers themselves.

The register will be further developed to provide tools and resources for guideline developers and to do this they will be working closely with their Guideline Editorial and Advisory Committee, made up of a broad-based representation of Australian guideline development expertise.

The Register aims to:

  • help put guideline developers in touch with each other
  • help policy-makers and others in funding guidelines, or setting priorities for future guidelines
  • let people know when a guideline is being developed in a topic area
  • let people know when guideline drafts are circulated for consultation and where to provide feedback or comments
  • show where the gaps are in Australian clinical practice guidelines, assisted by information from the Clinical Practice Guidelines Portal.

In the register you will find a database of planned guidelines, and guidelines that are currently in development or under revision. You can search for details about guideline topics, developers and funders, as well as information about the clinical scope of the guideline. You will also find information to put you in contact with the developer.

If you are currently developing an Australian clinical practice guideline, or planning on developing or revising one in the near future, please submit your guideline details to be assessed for inclusion using the Guideline in Development Online Registration Form found at http://www.clinicalguidelines.gov.au/in-development/registration-form .

A guideline in development can be submitted for inclusion on the register if it is produced under the auspices of a medical specialty association, non-government organisation, health service, hospital, relevant professional society, public or private health organisation, or government agency at the federal, state level or local level. The guideline in development must be for use in Australia. It is a requirement that the source and type of funding used for guideline development is disclosed, and this information will be displayed on the register.

Please note that a clinical practice guideline under development by an individual, a pharmaceutical company, medical device manufacturer, medical equipment manufacturer, pharmaceutical company sponsored advocacy group or any organisation whose aim in developing a guideline is to sell or promote goods or services to the Australian public is ineligible for inclusion on the Guidelines in Development Register.

If you have completed an Australian clinical practice guideline, you are encouraged to submit it for inclusion on the NHMRC Clinical Practice Guidelines Portal at www.clinicalguidelines.gov.au.

If you need help using the register, would like to provide feedback or have any other enquiry, please contact the program coordinators directly at:

Guidelines Research Program
National Institute of Clinical Studies
National Health and Medical Research Council
GPO Box 4530
Melbourne, Victoria 3001
Phone: (03) 8866 0400
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

National Institute of Clinical Studies
National Health and Medical Research Council

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