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Variation to Payment of Subscriptions
Last Review Date: May 2011
Next Review Date: October 2014
Current status: July 2017 under review


It is a commitment of the College Board, to its Fellows, Associate Fellows and Candidates, that members will be held to be ‘in good standing’ with the College while they continue to pay all membership subscriptions, participate in continuing professional development, and maintain the professional standards and conduct which is expected of members of the College. Being in good standing with the College Board is reflected in the Board awarding the privilege to use the College post nominals, FRACMA or AFRACMA.

The Board acknowledges that a Fellow, Associate Fellow or Candidate may require the support of the College from time to time when short term, exceptional circumstances apply.


This policy concerns a request from a Fellow, Associate Fellow or Candidate for variation to the payment of annual membership subscriptions. It applies to any Fellow, Associate Fellow or Candidate of the College and relates to a request for a short term reduction of the annual membership subscription.


Generally it is expected that all Fellows, Associate Fellow or Candidates of the College who are in full time or substantial part time employment in Australia, or overseas, will pay the full membership subscription rate set by College Board.

A case may be put to the College for consideration of a reduced membership subscription where the following applies:

  • employed in a non-medical administrative or clinical position where the annual salary is less than $70,000 per year
  • experiencing other temporary circumstances where there are extraordinary financial difficulties.
  • A member normally practicing in an overseas country and holding a Fellowship with an overseas medical administration specialty medical college recognised by RACMA as having academic and training equivalence, e.g. the Hong Kong College of Community Medicine (HKCCM), and is also a Fellow of RACMA.

There will be no reduction in subscription fees because a Fellow, Associate Fellow or Candidate is living overseas or is a Fellow of more than one medical specialty college. However, where these situations occur the Board will consider consideration in relation to continuing professional education. These arrangements are referred to in the CEP Manual.

Hong Kong College of Community Medicine
Where another country has been assisted by RACMA to develop a degree that is acknowledged to have equivalent status to the FRACMA, a member may hold a current fellowship with their local college (HKCCM) and a fellowship with RACMA. In this situation, and for as long as the HKCCM fellowship is current, the annual subscription fees for the RACMA fellowship will be equivalent to 40% of the current RACMA Fellow subscription.

Subscription reduction
Where a Fellow, Associate Fellow or Candidate of the College meets the requirements of this policy, the reduced annual membership subscription rate will, unless by special determination of Board be no less than 50% of the Board's current fee for the membership category which applies for the Fellow, Associate Fellow or Candidate.

Except in the case of the HKCCM, the annual membership subscription reduction will be for a one-year period only. Requests for reductions must occur on an annual basis in written form to the Chief Executive. The Chief Executive will have delegation to approve annual subscriptions according to the above criteria and will report such decisions to the Honorary Treasurer.

An appeal can be made to the Chair Finance and Audit Committee if the Fellow, Associate Fellow or Candidate believes the decision is unreasonable.

The Chief Executive will advise the applicant of the decision in relation to an application for payment of a reduced membership subscription.

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